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(Updated) SENSE, an affordable multipurpose sensor board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

May 19, 2022 — by Giorgio Mendoza 7,885 views

The SENSE is a compact board loaded with several sensors to gather data from the environment. The device also integrates a battery backed RTC (Real Time Clock) and an SD card socket to enable easy data logging. The product was developed by a seventeen-year-old electronics enthusiast and president of his high school’s robotic team, Zack Seifert.

The sensing capabilities of the SENSE board rely on the BME688 (air quality, pressure, humidity and temperature), the APDS9960 (proximity, light, RGB color sensing, and basic gesture sensing) and the SPK0641HT4H (PDI mic). 


SENSE board components
(click image to enlarge)

The SENSE board uses I2C to interface with microcontrollers, although Seifert provides documentation specifically for Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, including CircuitPython. The GitHub for the SENSE can be found here.

SENSE board pinout
(click image to enlarge)

The multi-sensor board seems to be operated at 3.3V since the demo below features it connected to an ESP32 microcontroller via Qwiic Connect. (Update) According to the SENSE’s Kickstarted now every order will include a free SD card since the project has reached the stretch goal required.


SENSE board demo
(click image to enlarge)

Specifications for the SENSE board include:


  • Sensors:
    • BME688 from Bosch which is an air quality sensor that detects gas, humidity, pressure and temperature
    • APDS9960 from Avago Technologies which is a sensor that detects proximity, light, RGB color sensing and basic gesture sensing
    • SPK0641HT4H from Knowles which is a low power PDM mic (Pulse Density Modulation)
  • Storage:
    • MicroSD card socket
  • I/O Interface:
    • 2x Qwiic connector
    • 2x 7 pin header 
  • Other Features:
  • Power:
    • 3.3V (via Qwicc interface)
  • Dimensions:
    •  Unspecified

Further information

The SENSE board was recently introduced on Kickstarter and it already has passed the goal of $1000. A single SENSE board costs $29 or two for $56 with the early bird specials (Additional $9 for shipping in the U.S). For an extra $3 you can get pre-soldered header pins on the Sense board. Estimated delivery will be around September 2022. 


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One response to “(Updated) SENSE, an affordable multipurpose sensor board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi”

  1. Kalil CONDE says:

    I’m also an electronics enthusiast. It’s very good to see a seventeen years old child develop such kind of product

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