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Noni Radio Module with Qualcomm’s Chipsets for WiFi-7 Connectivity

Apr 6, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 243 views

The Noni module, leveraging Qualcomm’s QCA9274/QCA6274 chipsets, provides advanced WiFi-7 connectivity in a versatile M.2 A+E form factor. Designed for a wide spectrum of applications, it operates efficiently across both commercial and industrial temperature ranges, ensuring reliable performance in multiple scenarios.

Adhering to the IEEE 802.11be standard, the Noni module achieves data rates of up to 11 Gbps. It accommodates diverse network configurations with flexible MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) arrangements, either in a 4×4 or a split 2×2 + 2×2 setup. The module’s support for channel sizes up to 320 MHz and 4K QAM modulation enhances both the efficiency and quality of wireless connections.


Noni block diagram
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Featuring Multi-Link operation for simultaneous multi-frequency communication, and adaptive interference puncturing, Noni maximizes bandwidth utility in interference-laden environments. Its dual-band support of 5GHz and 6GHz spectrums ensures adaptability for both current and forthcoming wireless demands.

FirmUx options
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Key specifications include wide frequency band support and a PCI Express 3.0 dual-lane interface. The module’s compatibility with various form factors, such as mini-PCIe, System on Module (SoM), and M.2 A+E, broadens its applicability. Security is a priority, with robust protocols like WPA3 and comprehensive encryption standards including AES-CCMP/GCMP, ensuring safe and secure wireless communication.

Noni variants
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For software integration, Noni offers support for both FirmUx and QSDK. This dual-compatibility provides developers with the flexibility to choose between open-source or proprietary drivers, aiding in streamlined firmware development and effective device operation management.

Further Information

As of the publication date, the following Noni variants are available on the 8devices website: Noni 56 M2-4×4-I is priced at $85.00, while the standard Noni 56 M2-4×4 is available for $79.00, and the Noni 56 M2-4×4-B is offered at $74.00.

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