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Smart-agriculture board features ESP32 MCU

Oct 18, 2022 — by Giorgio Mendoza 2,950 views

The Eduponics Mini v2 is a platform built around the open source ESP32 microcontroller. This IoT board is equipped with useful sensors in agricultural apps such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc. In addition to Wi-Fi//BLE connectivity, the Eduponics Mini v2 includes Grove connectors and IO expansion pins for additional peripherals.

The ESP32 module featured in this product seems to be the ESP32-WROVER-B seen on the gCore GUI platform not so long ago. This ESP32 module comes with 8MB of memory along with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, BL 4.2 and BLE support. 


Eduponics Mini v2 kit
(click image to enlarge)

Other upgrades include support “for HY-2.0, Grove-compatible water-level, soil-moisture, and pump interfaces, as well as 4-pin I²C sensors and a RTC BM8563 module with crystal oscillator to fix previous hardware bugs.”

The developer company STEMinds, will also offer compatible accessories such as a waterproof soil moisture-sensor, a four-channel valve-extension board and an upgraded Eduponics Mini extension board which integrates four relay modules, an ADS1115 ADC chip for analog readings, a MCP23017 IO chipset, connected directly to four relays and more Grove connectors.


STEMinds soil-moisture sensors and extension boards
(click image to enlarge)

STEMinds also provided tables comparing the features of their new Eduponics Mini board to other similar platforms. See the images below for more information.   

Eduponics Mini comparison (left) and STEMinds Soil-Moisture Sensor(right)
(click images to enlarge)

For software development, STEMinds has provided a GitHub repository and a Wiki which will include source and up to 15 detailed lessons to get started with the Eduponics Mini. As other ESP32 modules, the Eduponics Mini supports MicroPython and the Arduino IDE.

Eduponics Mini v2 board
(click image to enlarge)

Specifications listed for the Eduponics Mini v2 include: 

  • Processor System:
    • ESP32 WRover-B MCU, 2-cores (up to 240MHz)
  • Memory/Storage:
    • 8MB Flash
    • 4MB external SPI flash
    • 1x EEPROM (AT24C02
  • Connectivity:
    • 2.4/5.0GHz Wi-Fi 6
    • Bluetooth 4.2, BLE
  • USB:
    • 1x USB Type-C
  • I/O Peripherals:
    • 14x I/O expansion pins 
    • 1A Micro relay
    • QMP6980 air pressure sensor
    • SHT30 temperature/humidity sensor
    • BH1750 Ambient light sensor 
    • 1x RGB LED
    • 3x Grove connectors 
  • Other Features:
    • RTC BM8563 module w/ crystal oscillator
    • Reset button, Wake button, On/Off Switch 
    • Unsoldered BME280 footprint (sensor not included)
  • Software:
    • Arduino, MicroPython
    • Eduponics Mobile App
  • Power:
    • DC 12V interface

 Further information

A representative from STEMinds mentioned that their product will be launched on CrowdSupply in around a month and pricing might be similar to the Eduponics v1.0 board (~$39). The Eduponics Mini v2 will also be available as a kit which will include a 12V/2A DC power adapter, a USB Type-C cable, a STEMinds capacitive soil moisture sensor, a 12V pump, a contactless water-level sensor and a water hose. See the product page for additional information. 

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