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Radxa Teases Upcoming AICore SG2300x Module with Octa-core SOPHON SG2300x SoC

Apr 15, 2024 195 views

Radxa has recently previewed a new compact embedded module, the AICore SG2300x, built around the SOPHON SG2300x System-on-Chip. This module promises significant computational power for AI applications, featuring dual PHYs and a high-performance Tensor Processing Unit.

HealthyPi Move: An Upcoming Open-Source Smartwatch Powered by Nordic nRF5340 SoC

Apr 14, 2024 565 views

CrowdSupply recently showcased the HealthyPi Move, a biometric monitor designed in a convenient wristwatch form factor. Equipped with Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF5340 SoC and multiple advanced sensors, this portable device is advertised for both personal health tracking and data logging for research applications.

LattePanda Mu: A Micro x86 Compute Module with Intel N100 CPU

Apr 13, 2024 346 views

The LattePanda team has launched the LattePanda Mu, a new micro x86 compute module that features an Intel N100 CPU and supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. This module is designed for versatility and is particularly well-suited for applications in IoT, robotics, digital signage, and edge computing.

Linux-compatible AIO-3562JQ equipped with Rockchip RK3562J SoC

Apr 12, 2024 230 views

This week, T-Firefly unveiled the AIO-3562JQ, a robust development board powered by the Rockchip RK3562J processor, crafted to deliver high-performance output while maintaining low power consumption for continuous operation in demanding industrial environments.

DFI Introduces First Industrial MicroATX Motherboards with Support for Intel Core 12th/13th/14th Processors

Apr 11, 2024 184 views

DFI has announced the release of two groundbreaking Industrial MicroATX motherboards, the RPS310 and ADS310, acclaimed as the first in the industry to support Intel Core 12th, 13th, and 14th Gen Processors (Alder Lake-S, Raptor Lake-S, and Raptor Lake-S Refresh).

Cost-efficient Renesas RZ/G2L based Remi-Pi SBC available for $55.00

Apr 10, 2024 457 views

MYIR’s newly launched Remi Pi, a Renesas RZ/G2L-based SBC, merges cost-efficiency with advanced capabilities, priced at $55.00. It is tailored for both product development and hobbyist projects, boasting features like dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, support for dual displays, and camera integration. 

8devices TobuFi: Qualcomm-based SoM for Drone & Robotics with Yocto Support

Apr 9, 2024 222 views

8devices has introduced TobuFi, an innovative System on Module that combines a Qualcomm QCS405 processor with a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 radio, marking a significant advancement in the field of embedded systems. This SoM is versatile, catering to a wide range of applications including drones, robotics, advanced audio systems, and home assistants.

SiFive Unveils HiFive Premier P550: A RISC-V Development PC with Linux 6.60 Support

Apr 9, 2024 360 views

Today at Embedded World, SiFive, Inc. unveiled the HiFive Premier P550, an advanced iteration of the former HiFive Unmatched board. This new development board offers a Linux-based platform in a standard PC form factor, marking a significant evolution in their RISC-V product line.

SolidRun 1st Fanless IPC with AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 – Bedrock R8000 Edge AI

Apr 8, 2024 282 views

SolidRun has just announced the release of the Bedrock R8000. This new fanless Industrial PC is notable for being the first to integrate AMD’s Ryzen Embedded 8000 series processor, targeting applications in Generative AI and AI Inferencing at the edge due to its compatibility with Hailo AI accelerators. 

Epiq Solutions Matchstiq X40 and G Series for Edge-Level AI/ML RF Spectrum Analysis

Apr 7, 2024 127 views

Epiq Solutions has announced the introduction of three new software-defined radio (SDR) platforms, the Matchstiq X40 and the Matchstiq G Series, expanding their portfolio of RF analysis solutions. These platforms are engineered to facilitate the integration of AI and ML at the edge of RF spectrum analysis.

unPhone: An Educational Platform Featuring LoRa, WiFi, BT, Touchscreen, and LiPo Battery

Apr 7, 2024 408 views

Pimoroni recently featured the unPhone which is an open hardware and open software IoT development platform based on the ESP32 MCU and targeted at makers and developers. Accompanying the device is a free online book, providing theoretical and practical insights into the unPhone’s features.

Noni Radio Module with Qualcomm’s Chipsets for WiFi-7 Connectivity

Apr 6, 2024 222 views

The Noni module, leveraging Qualcomm’s QCA9274/QCA6274 chipsets, provides advanced WiFi-7 connectivity in a versatile M.2 A+E form factor. Designed for a wide spectrum of applications, it operates efficiently across both commercial and industrial temperature ranges, ensuring reliable performance in multiple scenarios.

Variscite DART-MX95: Enhanced Connectivity with Dual GbE, 10GbE Ports, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.3

Apr 5, 2024 222 views

At Embedded World 2024, Variscite introduced the DART-MX95 System-on-Module, a robust device based on NXP Semiconductors’ i.MX 95 SoC. Designed for various applications, it features high-speed peripherals like dual GbE, 10GbE, and 2x PCIe.

Toradex Aquila SoM leverages TI’s AM69 with 8x Arm Cortex-A72 and 32 TOPS NPU

Apr 4, 2024 216 views

Toradex has unveiled the Aquila SoM, a cutting-edge solution tailored for the medical, industrial, and robotics sectors. This rugged and efficient System on Module integrates advanced AI and machine learning capabilities with a modern software stack, facilitating swift market entry and compliance with evolving security standards.