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M5Stack Launches Low-Cost 433MHz & 868MHz LoRa Modules

May 17, 2024 87 views

M5Stack has launched two new LoRa Modules in 433MHz and 868MHz versions, designed to enhance long-range wireless communication for IoT applications. Using the Semtech’s SX127x chip, these modules excel in remote control, smart city infrastructure, and industrial automation where standard networks fall short..

QCS6490 Vision-AI Development Kit: Featuring 13 TOPs NPU and 8-Core Kryo 670 CPU

May 16, 2024 131 views

Avnet has introduced the QCS6490 Vision-AI Development Kit, a sophisticated solution designed for vision-based AI applications. This kit includes an energy-efficient, multi-camera SMARC 2.1.1 compute module powered by the Qualcomm QCS6490 SoC.

EPIC Mainboard with PCIe x4 Slot and Dual 2.5 GbE Ports

May 16, 2024 158 views

The NANO-EHL by ICP Germany is an EPIC single board computer designed for robust performance and flexibility in industrial applications. Equipped with the Intel Celeron J6412 processor, this board targets automation, control systems, panel PCs, vending machines, and other embedded systems.

AAEON Nezha: Intel N97 X86 Developer Kit with LPDDR5 Support

May 15, 2024 333 views

The Nezha Developer Kit by AAEON is designed for retail, industrial, and healthcare applications. It supports high-performance AI inferencing, making it suitable for autonomous robots, retail kiosks, medical devices, and industrial computers. With extensive I/O features, it caters to professionals and IoT developers.

SeeedStudio Previews R1000 Powered by Raspberry Pi CM4

May 14, 2024 313 views

The reComputer R1000 by Seeed Studio is a high-performance and cost-effective edge IoT controller based on the Raspberry Pi solution. This gateway features robust hardware designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications, particularly in smart building and energy management scenarios.


Introducing the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+: Enhanced Connectivity for Raspberry Pi 5

May 14, 2024 169 views

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+, an expansion board designed to extend the connectivity options of the Raspberry Pi 5. This HAT+ facilitates the connection of M.2 peripherals, including NVMe drives and AI accelerators, to the Raspberry Pi 5’s PCIe 2.0 interface, supporting data transfer speeds of up to 500 MB/s.

DietPi May 2024 News (Version 9.4)

May 13, 2024 161 views

The May, 2024 release of DietPi v9.4 brings several enhancements, new system images, and important bug fixes, ensuring a more stable and efficient experience for users of various single-board computers.


RCORE RK3588 Octa-Core CPU Module for Open Hardware MNT Reform Laptop

May 13, 2024 220 views

The MNT Reform RCORE RK3588 Processor Module is a high-performance upgrade for the MNT Reform laptop, featuring the powerful Rockchip RK3588 processor. This octa-core module is designed to deliver maximum CPU and GPU performance, making it suitable for users requiring enhanced computing capabilities.

(Updated) Pimoroni’s NVMe Base Duo Brings New Storage Options to Raspberry Pi 5

May 12, 2024 237 views

This week, Pimoroni introduced the NVMe Base Duo, a new storage solution for Raspberry Pi 5 users. It accommodates either one or two M-key NVMe SSDs, ranging from sizes 2230 to 2280. Designed to enhance the Raspberry Pi 5, this device provides a practical method for expanding storage capacity.

Palmshell SLiM X2L with 8GB RAM, 32GB eMMC and 256GB SSD Available for $125.00

May 12, 2024 329 views

The Palmshell Slim X2L by RADXA is a compact and powerful mini-PC tailored for modern computing needs. Its versatile design supports a range of applications, from home entertainment to office productivity, and includes optional VESA mount brackets for enhanced adaptability.

W01 U2500 by 52Pi: High-Speed Networking and NVMe Expansion for Raspberry Pi 5

May 12, 2024 205 views

The W01 U2500 by 52Pi is a versatile HAT designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 5, offering a unique combination of NVMe SSD expansion and USB 2.5G network capabilities. This compact solution is powered by the reliable Realtek RTL8156BG chipset, ensuring seamless integration with your Raspberry Pi 5 for high-speed data transfer and networking performance.

Compulab’s MCM-iMX93 – Affordable SMD System-on-Module with Flexible Connectivity and NXP i.MX 93 SoC

May 9, 2024 206 views

Compulab has introduced the MCM-iMX93 SMD System-on-Module, a compact, cost-effective solder-down system based on NXP’s i.MX 93 SoC family. With its small footprint, affordability, and versatile connectivity, it’s ideal for industrial control, medical devices, IoT gateways, and building management applications.

DietPi April 2024 News (Version 9.3) & Open Beta Version 9.4.0

May 7, 2024 171 views

DietPi recently released version 9.3, followed by Open Beta v9.4.0, with both updates introducing new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to the lightweight Linux distribution.

Openterface Mini-KVM – An Open-Source KVM Solution

May 7, 2024 627 views

Recently featured on CrowdSupply, the Openterface Mini-KVM is an open-source KVM device designed for efficient control over headless computers. It provides seamless operation via a direct HDMI and USB connection, eliminating the need for additional keyboards, monitors, or complex network configurations.