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Sfera Labs Unveils Strato Pi Max as Robust Industrial Controller Powered by Raspberry Pi CM4

Mar 25, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 219 views

Today, Sfera Labs has introduced two new additions to its Raspberry Pi server lineup: the Strato Pi Max XL and the Strato Pi Max XS. These devices also offer an optional integration with Zymbit’s Secure Compute Module, enhancing their security features.

Both the Strato Pi Max XL and XS models from Sfera Labs feature the Raspberry RP2040 microcontroller. This 32-bit processor, with a dual ARM Cortex-M0+ core and 16 MB Flash memory, handles tasks like power management and boot sequence control, connecting to the Raspberry Pi via I²C, USB, and UART.

Strato Pi Max XL
(click image to enlarge)

The Strato Pi Max XL supports up to four internal expansion slots, dual microSD card architecture, and more extensive connectivity options including dual Ethernet ports and multiple USB ports. It’s designed for demanding industrial environments requiring robust control and data acquisition capabilities.

Strato Pi Max XS
(click image to enlarge)

In contrast, the Strato Pi Max XS is more compact, fitting into a smaller DIN rail case with a focus on space efficiency. Despite its smaller size, it still offers considerable functionality, including a single internal expansion slot, dual Ethernet ports, and the essential features of the XL model but in a more condensed form.

Strato Pi Max  Industrial Controllers
(click image to enlarge)

These two new models are also compatible with optional expansions including the X2-Series Digital I/O, UPS, CAN and Dual RS-485, and RS-232 and RS-485 Expansion Boards, along with the Swissbit Industrial SSD. These additions enhance their functionality, providing improved I/O capabilities, power supply resilience, and expanded communication options.

Included in the Strato Pi Max XL and XS are features such as a 10-50 Vdc power supply with protection mechanisms, an internal cooling fan, temperature sensors, a precise real-time clock with backup battery, a Microchip ATECC608 secure element chip, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a variable pitch buzzer.

Further Information

The Strato Pi Max XL, featuring the Zymbit SCM4 Wireless, 2GB RAM, and 16GB eMMC, is priced at €1,075.00, while the Strato Pi Max XS with the same configuration costs €949.00. Both devices are available for backorder with expected availability in June 2024. Additional configurations can be found on their respective product pages.

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