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Pineberry Pi Unveils New Expansion Boards for Raspberry Pi 5

Mar 7, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 849 views

Pineberry Pi introduces a new lineup for the Raspberry Pi 5: HatDrive! AI, HatDrive! NET 1G, HatDrive! NET 2.5G HatDrive! Dual, and HatBRICK! Commander. These boards enhance AI capabilities, NVMe storage, and networking, with key features like the ASMedia PCIe Switch (Gen2) for efficient data transfer.

HatDrive! AI for Raspberry Pi 5

The HatDrive AI board, specifically developed for the Raspberry Pi 5, stands out as a unique integration of NVMe drive support and a Google Coral Edge TPU M.2 E-Key slot, making it an useful tool for AI and high-speed storage applications. 


It supports NVMe drives in 2230 and 2242 sizes and includes an ASMedia PCIe Switch (Gen2) for efficient data transfer. The inclusion of a dedicated slot for the Google Coral Edge TPU enhances the board’s capabilities in AI computing applications.

HatDrive! AI
(click image to enlarge)

HatDrive! NET 1G for Raspberry Pi 5

The HatDrive NET 1G enhances the Raspberry Pi 5 by merging high-speed NVMe storage with robust Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, thereby boosting overall performance. Designed to support NVMe drives via a PCIe Gen2 interface, this board is ideal for applications that require fast and efficient data access, aligning perfectly with the needs of high-performance computing tasks.

The added advantage is the Gigabit Ethernet port, powered by the Realtek RTL811H, which not only provides high-speed network connections but also comes with visual network status indicators. Additionally, the HatDrive NET 1G has a unique hardware MAC address, ensuring reliable network identification.

HatDrive! NET 1G
(click image to enlarge)

HatDrive! Dual for Raspberry Pi 5

The HatDrive Dual, tailored for professionals and enthusiasts, enhances the Raspberry Pi 5 by providing dual NVMe storage slots. This design is aimed at significantly enhancing storage capacity and speed. Its inclusion of the ASMedia PCIe Switch (Gen2) facilitates efficient and effective data transfer, making it an ideal solution for advanced storage demands.

This board is particularly optimized for NAS projects, supporting RAID-1 configurations for data redundancy. A notable feature is the independent buck converters for each NVMe slot, which provide stable power, crucial for maintaining performance under varying load conditions.

HatDrive! Dual
(click image to enlarge)

HatBRICK! Commander for Raspberry Pi 5

The HatBRICK Commander is a pioneering expansion board designed to expand the Raspberry Pi 5’s capabilities by enabling the connection of two additional PCIe boards. It incorporates an ASMedia PCIe Switch (Gen2) for efficient and reliable data transfer between connected devices. 

The package includes comprehensive mounting hardware and FPC ribbon cables, simplifying the connection process. An optional 5V input is available for projects requiring additional power. Its design caters to both novice and experienced users, offering ease of integration without compromising on professional functionality.

HatBRICK! Commander
(click image to enlarge)

HatNET! 2.5G for Raspberry Pi 5

The HatNET! 2.5G offers advanced 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities, ideal for users requiring enhanced network throughput and performance. It features the high-speed Realtek RTL8125BG for superior network speed and efficiency. The board includes the same high-quality Trxcom Ethernet plug as the Raspberry Pi, ensuring reliable connections, and is equipped with Activity and Link LEDs for easy monitoring. 

Each board has a unique hardware MAC address for consistent network identification. Designed for robust, long-term use, the HatNET! 2.5G caters to high-bandwidth applications and is user-friendly in installation and setup.

HatNET! 2.5G
(click image to enlarge)

The company also indicates that booting from NVMe storage through a PCIe switch is not currently supported so users should consider this when planning their projects.

Pineberry Pi new arrivals
(click image to enlarge)

Further Information

Pineberry Pi offers a range of Raspberry Pi 5 expansion boards with the following prices: HatDrive! AI at €39.99, HatDrive! NET 1G at €42.99, HatDrive! Dual at €39.99, HatBRICK! Commander at €34.99, and HatNET! 2.5G at €45.99.

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