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M5Stack Launches Low-Cost 433MHz & 868MHz LoRa Modules

May 17, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 321 views

M5Stack has launched two new LoRa Modules in 433MHz and 868MHz versions, designed to enhance long-range wireless communication for IoT applications. Using the Semtech’s SX127x chip, these modules excel in remote control, smart city infrastructure, and industrial automation where standard networks fall short..

Both modules operate within specific frequency ranges suitable for their respective bands—410MHz to 525 MHz for the 433 MHz module and 803 MHz to 930 MHz for the 868 MHz module.


They support multiple modulation modes including FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa, and OOK, enhancing adaptability across various communication environments.

433 MHz LoRa Module v1.1
(click image to enlarge)

According to the datasheets for the Ra-02 and Ra-01 modules, both support SPI communication and offer a maximum bit rate of 300Kbps.

The modules are equipped with high reception sensitivity— as low as -140 dBm for the 433MHz and -148 dBm for the 868MHz variant, enabling them to receive weak signals essential for long-range applications. Both versions come standard with an external SMA antenna and also offer two patch MCX antenna sockets, providing flexibility for antenna configurations depending on deployment requirements.

868 MHz LoRa Module v1.1 multiple views
(click image to enlarge)

Additionally, the inclusion of a DIP switch allows for switching between different communication pins, enabling the use of multiple modules in a stacked configuration without interference, thereby enhancing the scalability of the deployment.

These modules support a variety of development environments including Arduino, MicroPython, and UIFlow (Blockly). This range of platforms provides flexibility in application programming, catering to both entry-level and advanced users.

868 MHz LoRa Module v1.1
(click image to enlarge)

Further information

The 868MHz LoRa Module 868MHz v1.1 is priced at $17.50 and the 433MHz LoRa Module v1.1 is available for $12.50, both of which can be purchased on the M5Stack website.

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