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RISC-V Based MaixCAM With 1TOPS NPU Performance and 5MP Camera Support

May 23, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 344 views

The Sipeed MaixCAM is a specialized hardware platform designed for AI vision and AIoT applications, powered by the SOPHO SG2002 processor. This versatile board supports both Linux and RTOS environments, making it suitable for a range of embedded projects.

The MaixCAM features a 1GHz RISC-V C906 big core and an optional 1GHz ARM A53 core, both configured to run Linux. It also includes a 700MHz RISC-V C906 core dedicated to RTOS applications and a 25-300MHz 8051 processor for managing low-power tasks.


Complementing these processors, the platform’s NPU delivers 1 TOPS@INT8, with support for BF16 and advanced AI models like Mobilenetv2 and various YOLO versions. Memory and storage on the MaixCAM include 256MB of DDR3 memory, with flexible booting options available through MicroSD card or SD NAND.

Sipeed MaixCAM Pinout
(click image to enlarge)

For imaging capabilities, the device supports up to 5-megapixel cameras and specifically accommodates 4M GC4653 and OS04A10 models. These are complemented by a 4-lane MIPI CSI input and a 22-pin interface capable of handling split dual-channel CSI. Advanced codec capabilities enable hardware decoding for H.264, H.265, and MJPEG, and support 2k video at 30fps for both encoding and decoding.

The visual and audio interfaces feature a 2.3″ high-definition IPS capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 552×368, connected via a 2-lane MIPI DSI output with a standard 31-pin interface. The audio system includes an on-board PA power amplifier for directly connecting 1W speakers through the pin header and an analog silicon microphone for sound input.

Sipeed MaixCAM Demo
(click image to enlarge)

The device’s IO capabilities are extensive, featuring two 14-pin, 2.54mm spaced interfaces that support UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, PWM, and more. User interaction is facilitated by a reset button, a user-configurable function button, and LEDs that indicate power status and facilitate user input.

The MaixCAM software ecosystem supports development with resources like MaixPy, a Python package with hardware acceleration, and MaixVision, an AI Vision IDE that simplifies setup with real-time image preview and graphical programming. MaixHub and MaixCDK provide platforms for AI model training and familiar tools for C/C++ developers, respectively. More details can be found on the MaixCam Wiki page.

Sipeed MaixCAM
(click image to enlarge)

Further information

The Sipeed MaixCAM Lite is currently priced at $27.90, and the MaixCAM kit is $39.00. Both items are temporarily out of stock at the Sipeed AliExpress store. The MaixCAM bundled with a 32GB SD Card is available for $43.50 and in stock at the Youyetoo store.

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