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Wi-Fi HaLow Development Platform is Compatible with OpenWrt

Feb 19, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 389 views

Morse Micro’s MM6108-EKH03 Wi-Fi HaLow Development Platform offers a sophisticated solution for enhancing wireless connectivity in IoT applications. Ideal for diverse uses like smart city infrastructures, long-range access points, and various industrial and commercial scenarios.

The Morse Micro MM6108-EKH03 Wi-Fi HaLow Development Platform provides an efficient configuration for easy and rapid evaluation of Wi-Fi HaLow in conjunction with Wi-Fi 4/5/6 standards. It is equipped with a high-performance MediaTek MT72T2R 802.11n Wi-Fi AP/Router System-on-Chip.

Additionally, the platform supports data rates up to 32.5Mbps, catering to a wide range of wireless communication needs. It also boasts programmable operation in the sub-1GHz range, which is exempt from RF bands globally, significantly increasing its applicability across various scenarios.


Wi-Fi HaLow network
(click image to enlarge)

The MM6108-EKH03 allows for extended-range connectivity of Wi-Fi HaLow compatible IoT devices, such as mesh access points, security cameras, smart door locks, sensors, and thermostats, demonstrating enhanced wireless reach as shown above.

MM6108-EKH03 modulation & coding scheme
(click image to enlarge)

The table above categorizes various MCS (Modulation and Coding Scheme) indices, outlining their respective modulation schemes, coding rates, and physical rates across bandwidths of 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz, and 8 MHz.

MM6108-EKH03 top view
(click images to enlarge)

This development platform offers flexible connectivity, allowing for both USB connection and power, as well as Ethernet for data transfer. Its integration into existing networks is made efficient with an OpenWrt software package, as per Morse Micro. Additionally, it enhances data security by featuring advanced WPA3 encryption, providing a secure and reliable wireless communication environment.

Further information

The MM6108-EKH03 development board is available for purchase at $250.00 through the Mouser distributor.

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