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Linux-ready SBCs and mini-PCs run Ryzen Embedded, including new 8-10W R1305G

Feb 25, 2020 — by Eric Brown 3,463 views

Sapphire unveiled NP-FP5 and BP-FP5 SBCs with Ryzen V1000 and R1000 SoCs plus a G-series board, and Simply NUC revealed Red Oak (NP-FP5) and Post Oak (BP-FP5) mini-PCs based on the Ryzen SBCs. The NP-FP5 and Red Oak support AMD’s new 8-10W R1305G.

At Embedded World, Sapphire Technology announced a pair of 4 x 4-inch (101.6 x 101.6mm) SBCs that run Linux or Win 10 on AMD’s x86-based Ryzen Embedded V1000 and R1000 SoCs. The dual 4K display NP-FP5 and more feature-rich, triple 4K display BP-FP5 SBCs support the same V1000 and R1000 models. The lower-end NP-FP5 also supports the low-power, 8-10W TDP R1305G, which was announced today by AMD along with a 6W R1102G.

Sapphire BP-FP5 and NP-FP5
(click image to enlarge)

Sapphire also announced a similarly 4 x 4-inch BP-FT3b-LC2 (AKA BP GX424CC-LC2) SBC with Linux support. The SBC runs on an older, 2.4GHz AMD G-series “Steppe Eagle” GX-424CC with 25W TDP (see farther below).

The NP-FP5 will appear in a Simply NUC Red Oak LLM mini-PC with R1305G support while the BP-FP5 will power a similar, but more feature rich Post Oak LLM system. The G-series based BP-FT3b-LC2 (BP GX424CC-LC2) will drive a Simply NUC Evergreen system.

SimplyNuc’s Red Oak (left) and Post Oak
(click images to enlarge)

Simply NUC, which recently released a compact Sequoia embedded computer based on the V1000, had only limited information on these Linux-ready mini-PCs. Its teaser page lacks any mention of the Evergreen, which was identified in Sapphire’s announcement.


Due in Q2, the Red Oak LLM and Post Oak LLM mini-PCs will target edge analytics, digital signage, and industrial applications. The systems will offer 12-19V DC power supplies, 7-year availability, and DIN-rail and VESA mounting. Other Ryzen Embedded mini-PCs and compact computers may be found in our Dec. 3 report on AMD’s Ryzen Embedded eco-system.

Reverse view of an “Oak” mini-PC
(click image to enlarge)

Sapphire does not list specific SoC models in its specs, so it’s possible the BP-FP5 SBC also supports the R1305G, and it’s also possible both SBCs also support the 6W R1102G. All we know for sure is that, like AMD, Sapphire mentioned in its announcement that Simply NUC’s NP-FP5 based Red Oak supports the R1305G. This will be the first product to support one of the two new low-power R1000 models along with Kontron’s previously announced, V1000/R1000 ready D3713-V/R mITX Mini-ITX board, which will support both models.

All three of Sapphire’s SBCs have a maximum 25W of power consumption, suggesting that the Ryzen models do not support the two highest-end V1000 parts with 35-54W TDPs. All the other original V1000 and R1000 models have a 12-25W TDP range.


Sapphire has released a number of AMD based SBCs including its V1000-based FS-FP5V and its R1000-based AMD FS-FP5R 5×5 boards. Both are Linux-ready Mini-STX (5×5-inch) SBCs.


The NP-FP5 SBC is designed for POS, thin client, and mini-PC systems. The SBC appears to support the same V1000 and R1000 models as the BP-FP5. Based on its appearance under the hood of Simply NUC’s Red Oak mini-PC, the NP-FP5 also supports the new R1305G and possibly the even lower-power R1102G.

(click images to enlarge)

These two additions to the dual-core R1000 product line are the first AMD SoCs to support sub-10W operation since the G-Series. Like the original, 12-25W R1000 models, the 1.5GHz/2.8GHz R1305G is a 4-thread chip compared to 2 threads on the R1102G.

Both the R1305G and R1102G have the same Zen CPU cores and essentially the same Radeon Vega GPU cores as the other R1000 and V1000 SoCs, although like the first two R1000 models, they have only 2x Zen cores and 3x Vega cores. The main difference aside from the lower TDP is that the R1102G and R1305G have much lower base CPU clock rates than the first two R1000 models.

The NP-FP5 SBC is equipped with up to 32GB DDR-2400 via dual channels. Dual mini-DP 1.4 ports support dual independent 4K displays. There’s also a GbE port, 2x USB 3.1, and 2x USB 2.0 ports plus an audio I/O jack and USB and front-panel headers.

Feature comparison between BP-FT3b-LC2, NP-FP5, and BP-FP5
(Source: Sapphire)
(click images to enlarge)

For expansion, you get an M.2 M-key 2242/2280) slot with PCIe x4 and SATA SSD support and an M.2 E-key 2230 with PCIe x1 and USB 2.0 “for wireless.” The active-cooled system has a 12-19V DC jack.


Sapphire’s higher-end BP-FP5 SBC is aimed at small form factor display-centric applications like digital signage, kiosks, thin clients, and gaming. It has all the features of the NP-FP5 except for the fourth USB port. However, you get 3x USB 3.1 ports instead of two.

(click images to enlarge)

Unlike the NP-FP5, there is a 10/100 Ethernet port in addition to the GbE port. It also has an HDMI 2.0 port in addition to dual DP 1.4 ports, enabling triple 4K displays, and the DP ports are full sized. The SBC adds a SATA III interface with SATA power plus an RS232/422/485 header and a TPM 2.0 security chip.

BP-FT3b-LC2 (BP GX424CC-LC2)

The BP-FT3b-LC2, which is also called the BP GX424CC-LC2, is the first G-series based SBC we’ve seen since IEI’s EPIC form-factor Nano-GLX from 2018. It runs Linux or Win 10 on the highest-end Steppe Eagle model: the quad-core, 2.4GHz GX-424CC with 497MHz graphics and a 25W TDP.

BP-FT3b-LC2 (left) and side view with fan
(click images to enlarge)

The 4.0 x 4.0-inch SBC supports up to 16GB DDR3-1866 and offers 2x HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, and a GbE port. There’s also an audio-out jack, M.2 M- and E-key slots, and RS232 and front-panel headers.

Further information

No pricing or availability information was provided for Sapphire’s NP-FP5, BP-FP5, or BP-FT3b-LC2 (BP GX424CC-LC2) SBCs, but the two Ryzen Embedded SBCs should ship by at least Q2, which is when the related Simply NUC Red Oak LLM and Post Oak LLM mini-PCs are expected.

More information on the SBCs may be found in Sapphire Technology’s announcement, as well as the product pages for the NP-FP5, BP-FP5, and BP-FT3b-LC2 (BP GX424CC-LC2).


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One response to “Linux-ready SBCs and mini-PCs run Ryzen Embedded, including new 8-10W R1305G”

  1. David Hoskins says:

    I usually harp about articles on new sbc’s where no pricing is mentioned. This article IMHO had enough valuable information to stand on its own without that information. Good job!

    The quality around this place has ticked up noticeably since the beginning of the year. It used to be 80% regurgitated press releases, with no pricing or release date.

    Keep at it guys!

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