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Latest, Jasper Lake based LattePanda SBC starts at $229

Nov 4, 2021 — by Eric Brown 714 views

On Kickstarter: a $229 “LattePanda 3 Delta” SBC that runs Win 10 or Linux on Jasper Lake. The SBC provides an Arduino Leonardo, 8GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, GbE, WiFi-6, M.2 M- and B-key, HDMI, eDP, 100 GPIO pins, and 4x USB including a Gen2 and Type-C with DP.

Shanghai based LattePanda has gone to Kickstarter to successfully launch a Jasper Lake based update to its earlier Gemini Lake based LattePanda Delta SBC. The LattePanda 3 Delta is far more than a processor upgrade, adding M.2 B-key, WiFi-6, USB 3.2 Gen2, and twice the RAM and eMMC. LattePanda has quickly doubled its $40K goal and is available through Dec. 17 starting at $229, with shipments due in March or April.

LattePanda 3 Delta (left) and together with its accessories
(click images to enlarge)

The LattePanda 3 Delta is primarily aimed at Windows hackers, but also runs Linux. Notes Lattepanda: “Windows 10 has a perfect peripheral driver, software compatibility and development ecosystem, making it the most suitable to develop GUI applications, while Linux is better for microservice applications.” The board is also said to support Windows 11, although we see no sign of a TPM chip.

Most of the packages, including all of those with accessories, ship with Win 10 Pro, adding $30 to the bill. Linux users who want to check out Jasper Lake can buy a barebones model for $229. (The $199 early bird is gone.)


The LattePanda 3 Delta is the first Jasper Lake product we have seen that is aimed at the embedded market. As before, there is an Arduino Leonardo-compatible microcontroller and 100 embedded I/O pins for IoT hacking.

Intel launched Jasper Lake in January with a line-up of six N-series Pentium Silver and Celeron CPUs with 6-10W TPUs. This so-called 11th Generation processor — we are avoiding the term to differentiate it from Intel’s 11th Gen Core CPUs — offers much faster performance than Gemini Lake and more incremental improvements over Gemini Lake Refresh.

With Intel’s similarly low-power, but more IoT and industrial focused Elkhart Lake having launched a few months earlier than Jasper Lake, Intel’s low-power processors have clearly split in the post Apollo Lake world between Elkhart Lake and its IoT successors on the one hand and the mobile-oriented Gemini Lake and Jasper Lake on the other. The latter are offered only on Pentium in Celeron models rather than Atom SKUs and are aimed primarily at Chromebooks and other low-end laptops.

Like Elkhart Lake, Jasper Lake has Tremont cores built with 10nm SuperFin technology. Jasper Lake provides Intel UHD Graphics with up to 32EU Intel Gen11 technology, a major step up from Apollo Lake.

LattePanda offers benchmarks showing the LattePanda 3 Delta delivering more than twice the CPU performance and triple the graphics performance compared to the Gemini Lake based LattePanda Delta. The new model is equipped with a quad-core, 2.0GHz/2,9GHz Celeron N5105 with 10W TDP compared to the earlier quad-core, 1.1GHz/2.4GHz Celeron N4100,

The performance boost is likely due in part to the doubling of RAM from 4G LPDDR4 to 8GB LPDDR4. The new model also doubles eMMC storage to 64GB.

LattePanda 3 Delta front detail view
(click image to enlarge)

The LattePanda 3 Delta, which we saw on, is slightly larger than the original Delta, at 125 x 78 x 16mm. Major feature improvements include the replacement of the M.2 E-key slot with a more capable M.2 B-key slot with 4G/5G and SATA support. As before, there is an M.2 M-key for NVMe and SATA storage and built-in WiFi/BT, in this case advancing to WiFi-6 (802.11ax) at up to 2400Mbps with Bluetooth 5.2. The microSD slot now integrates a SIM card slot.

Another major improvement is the replacement of one of the three USB 3.2 Gen1 ports with a faster Gen2 port. As before, there is a USB Type-C port with DP and power support and a USB 2.0 header.

LattePanda 3 Delta rear (left) and side detail views
(click images to enlarge)

The LattePanda 3 Delta is capable of dual 4K display capability with the HDMI port and the Type-C based DP. Triple displays are possible when using the eDP interface. There is also a touch panel interface and cable with optional 7-inch or 12.1 4K IPS touchscreens. LattePanda also includes some USB cameras and a UPS Hat, among other accessories.

The dual 50-pin GPIO headers once again include Arduino support. New features on the board include a watchdog timer and an auto power-on function that turns the board on automatically after power resumes following an outage. For battery powered projects, the SBC adds power management features that let you independently control USB and 5V power per port to reduce consumption. The new board also supplies a new fan with a 50 percent larger cooling area to keep up with the faster processor.

Like the earlier LattePanda boards, this is a community-backed, but not fully open source, SBC. The community features and documentation, including a GitHub page with 3D models, are sufficiently extensive so that, as with Aaeon’s UP boards, we included the LattePanda Delta in our catalog of 150 open-spec Linux hacker boards.

LattePanda reseller DFRobot continues to sell the LattePanda Delta and two versions of the more powerful, Linux-ready LattePanda Alpha SBCs. Unlike the original, Gemini Lake based LattePanda Alpha, which we covered in 2017, DFRobot now sells two new versions that switch to the dual-core, 1.1GHz/3.4GHz Intel M3-8100Y from the Amber Lake Y-series with 5W TDP. DFRobot now sells a $389 and up LattePanda Alpha 800 and more feature rich, $419 and up LattePanda Alpha 864s.

Further information

The LattePanda 3 Delta is available on Kickstarter through Dec. 17 starting at $229, with shipments due in March for basic packages and in April for Windows-only for accessory bundles. More information may be found on the Kickstarter page and LattePanda website.

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