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Sequent 16 Solid State Relays 2A/24V HAT Targets Raspberry Pi Boards

Mar 2, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 256 views

Sequent Systems recently unveiled their latest offering: a 16 Solid State Relays 2A/24V HAT, an advanced expansion board tailored for the Raspberry Pi. This innovative product represents a substantial improvement over conventional mechanical relay HATs. It provides a robust and reliable solution, particularly suited for applications that demand frequent relay operations.

The product page states that the 16 Solid State Relays HAT is designed with an emphasis on durability and performance. Unlike mechanical relays with limited lifecycle operations, this solid-state version boasts an unlimited number of lifetime cycles, mitigating the risk of failure in high-use scenarios. Each relay supports up to 2.0A/24 VAC/DC with a typical Ron resistance of 60mΩ and minimal off-state leakage current, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

The HAT is designed to be eight-layer stackable, allowing for a potential expansion up to 128 solid state relays on a single Raspberry Pi. It features pluggable connectors for 26-16 AWG wires, facilitating easy installation and maintenance, especially when multiple cards are stacked.


16 SS Relays 2A/24V HAT top view
(click image to enlarge)

The unit requires a 5V/8A power supply with reverse polarity protection and includes an on-board resettable fuse (3A). The HAT includes bicolor LEDs to indicate the status of each group of 8 relays, a general-purpose push button, and an RS485 port for extended connectivity.

This product is compatible with all Raspberry Pi versions from Zero to 5, utilizing only two GPIO pins for I2C communication, leaving the remaining 24 GPIOs available for other uses. The HAT supports various software interfaces, including command line, Python libraries, Node-Red nodes, and an OpenPLC module, offering versatility in programming and automation.

16 SS Relays 2A/24V HAT top view bottom view
(click image to enlarge)

Featuring an on-board hardware watchdog, this HAT automatically resets the Raspberry Pi in case of software malfunctions. It also includes reverse power supply protection for increased durability, along with a built-in self-test function to ensure relay functionality before deployment.

16 SS Relays 2A/24V Stackable HAT for Raspberry Pi
(click image to enlarge)

Further Information

On the Sequent Systems website, this Raspberry Pi HAT is listed at $75.00, in contrast to the earlier version with mechanical relays, which is priced at $60.00.

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