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Waveshare Unveils Cost-Effective PCIe to M.2 HAT+ for Raspberry Pi 5, Priced at $8.99

Jan 16, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 1,137 views

The distributor Waveshare recently featured a PCIe to M.2 HAT+ compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 5 Single Board Computer launched last year. This device boasts a compact design and is available at a budget-friendly price, making it an attractive option for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Similar to the HatDrive Top by Pineberry, which was featured in November 2022, this Raspberry Pi HAT+ is also engineered to interface with M.2 Solid State Drives of sizes 2230/2242 and it supports both Gen2 and Gen3 modes. Additionally, it enables the Raspberry Pi 5 to boot directly from the SSD device, enhancing its functionality and efficiency.


Waveshare PCIe To M.2 Adapter dimensions
(click image to enlarge)

This expansion accessory is further enhanced with status indicator LEDs that signal power-on status and Read/Write operations. It also incorporates an EEPROM for storing the HAT ID and product information, as well as a power monitoring chip that provides real-time insights into the power status of the solid-state drive.

Waveshare PCIe To M.2 Adapter
(click image to enlarge)

The Raspberry Pi 5 HAT+ design incorporates an airflow vent specifically for a cooling fan for maintaining optimal operating temperatures , as depicted in the image below. For those looking to begin using this product, some instructions are available on the Waveshare Wiki page.

PCIe To M.2 Adapter for Raspberry Pi 5 features
(click image to enlarge)

According to the product page, the package includes several key components: the PCIe To M.2 HAT, a double-row 20-Pin header, a 16P-Cable measuring 40mm, and a set of standoffs.

Further information

The Waveshare PCIe To M.2 Adapter, designed for the Raspberry Pi 5, is available for purchase at $8.99 on their official website.

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2 responses to “Waveshare Unveils Cost-Effective PCIe to M.2 HAT+ for Raspberry Pi 5, Priced at $8.99”

  1. David Goadby says:

    Unlike the Pimoroni product, this board only takes 2230 and 2245 SSD’s. The Pimoroni NVMe Base also takes 2260 and 2280 SSD’s. Older and cheaper SSD’s are often available in the longer format.

  2. Giorgio Mendoza says:

    Yep, forgot to mention the Pimoroni one. Here is the product coverage for reference

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