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December 2023 Update: Armbian 23.11 Topi Release

Dec 4, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 369 views

Armbian 23.11 Topi, the latest update of the Armbian Linux distribution for single board computers (SBCs), brings a range of enhancements, updates, and fixes. This release focuses on improving functionality and compatibility across a variety of embedded devices, offering new features and support to meet the evolving needs of the SBC community.


Armbian is an open-source OS based on Linux designed specifically for ARM-based single-board computers (SBCs). It provides a lightweight and customizable environment for SBCs, allowing users to run various applications and services on devices such as the Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, etc. Refer to the Armbian GitHub to see what devices are supported.

Key Updates and Enhancements:

  • Extended Board Support: Notably, Armbian 23.11 adds Khadas VIM1S, Khadas VIM4, Texas Instruments TDA4VM, and Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro to its standard support tier.
  • Kernel and Desktop Improvements: The release introduces mainline kernel support for RK3588, featuring experimental HDMI capabilities, and unifies display managers across all desktop environments.
  • Innovative Features and Quality Control: Experimental EDK2/UEFI support for RK3588 boards and the introduction of new daily image builds for Ubuntu Mantic and Debian Trixie demonstrate Armbian’s commitment to innovation. Enhanced quality control through automated testing ensures a stable and reliable experience.

Detailed Changelog Highlights:

  • Closed Projects and Tasks:
    • Switched to a new default login manager (AR-1702) and enabled artifacts creation at pull requests (AR-1886).
    • Added support for new boards such as Hikey 960 (AR-1924), NanoPi R6S/R6C (AR-1940), TI SK-TDA4VM (AR-1943), and Xiaomi-elish (AR-1951).
    • Kernel updates include the K3 edge kernel to v6.5 (AR-1928) and a new build config for OrangePi3b (AR-1930).
    • Significant efforts in cleaning up legacy Rockchip kernels (AR-1882) and introducing updates for various boards and features.
  • Solved Bugs and Issues:
    • Addressed hardware acceleration issues with the Mali G-31 (AR-1641) and fixed HDMI output problems on rk3328 (AR-1963).
    • Resolved network configuration challenges on Debian variants (AR-1977) and firmware updates for Orangepi R1+ LTS (AR-1932).
    • Improved system stability and user experience by fixing specific kernel and device-related bugs.
  • Policy and Support Evolutions:
    • Armbian 23.11 Topi redefines its support policies, dividing boards into Standard Support, Staging Support, and Community Maintained categories, ensuring focused development and support.

Further information

This Armbian version focuses on resolving various issues, adding support for new hardware, and enhancing its software development and support methodologies. It aims to contribute to the standards in SBC operating systems, showcasing the project’s efforts to develop a stable, versatile, and accessible Linux distribution suitable for the new and old SBC devices..

The full list of updates, changes, and technical improvements can be found in the detailed changelog here. Furthermore, the official Armbian announcement can be found using this link.

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