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Armbian Project Releases Armbian 24.2 ‘Kereru’

Mar 1, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 248 views

The Armbian community has recently announced the release of Armbian 24.2, codenamed ‘Kereru’. This update represents the latest development in the Armbian series, a Linux distribution that specializes in running on ARM-based devices. Armbian 24.2 Kereru includes several enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving the stability and functionality of the operating system.

Major Highlights and Accomplishments

Closed Projects: Among the completed projects in this release are improvements in DNS resolution for Debian Bookworm, performance enhancements for HDMI consoles on Khadas VIM1S and VIM4, and streamlined Rockchip patch maintenance. The update also expands hardware compatibility, adding devices such as Xiaomi Mi10, Orangepi Zero3, and ASUS Tinker-Edge-R, and introduces the latest Amlogic kernel 5.15.y for Khadas VIM1S & VIM4.


Closed Tasks: The release introduces new features for enhanced user accessibility, such as a function to display download links. The integration of Odroid M1 into the rockchip64 family aims for a more cohesive user experience. The update includes the addition of Ubuntu 24.04 Noble in the build framework and updates all current kernels to 6.6 LTS. Security measures such as LVM support, CRYPTROOT, and enhanced system configurations have been implemented, along with Cloud-init support and added compatibility with Radxa Rock S 0.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Solved Bugs: Armbian 24.2 Kereru addresses various bugs, including NIC failures on Orangepi One+, WiFi and Bluetooth issues on RockPI-S devices, and desktop compatibility issues with the Cinnamon desktop on Vim4. Improvements have been made to reduce image loading times on Khadas VIM1S/VIM4 Bookworm, enhancing system performance and responsiveness.

Armbian logo
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Further information

The update features specific sub-versions like v24.2.3 and v24.2.1, focusing on targeted improvements and closed projects/tasks. Refer to the Changelog and the Armbian announcement for further details.

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