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Enhanced BeagleBone SBC has 1GB RAM, GbE, sensors

Jan 20, 2016 — by Rick Lehrbaum 6,855 views

[Updated: Jan. 21] — SanCloud unveiled an enhanced version of the BeagleBone Black SBC, with 1GB RAM, GbE, extra USB ports, barometric and temperature sensors, and 6-axis MEMS.

Manchester UK-based SanCloud showed a prototype of a “BeagleBone Enhanced” variant of the BeagleBone Black single board computer, in TI’s booth at CES earlier this month.

BeagleBone Green
(click to enlarge)

Like Seeed Studio’s BeagleBone Green SBC, which debuted in mid-2015, SanCloud’s board is very similar mechanically to the standard BeagleBone Black. Seeed’s and SanCloud’s derivative boards are now both listed at as being “BeagleBoard compatible”, a status requiring that the listed SBC “(a) runs on the version of the software provided by to supplier, (b) said software also runs on a product, and (c) releases open hardware design materials,” according to the listing page.

BeagleBone Enhanced (left) compared to BeagleBone Black
(click images to enlarge)

In Seed’s case, the tweaks were primarily aimed at making room for a pair of connectors for expansion by means of Seeed’s Grove sensor modules. SanCloud’s apparently more extensive modifications were outlined in a blog post at by SanCloud director Marc Murphy. They include:


  • Increased RAM from 500MB to 1GB
  • Added a 1MB SPI boot flash
  • Upgraded Ethernet from 10/100 to 10/100/1000Mbps
  • Added three USB 2.0 ports
  • Added a 6-axis MEMS accelerometer/gyro
  • Added a barometer and temperature sensor
  • Added a connector for an optional WiFi/Buetooth card (consumes a USB port)

BeagleBone Enhanced bottom view (left) and top view with the optional WiFi/BT add-on card
(click images to enlarge)

Despite these alterations, “the design has been kept as close as possible to the original form factor of the BeagleBone Black to enable you to swap out the capes you already have,” adds Murphy. “We have moved the power connector and serial connector to give an additional onboard USB port and added an expansion header to allow for two USB ports to be passed up to a cape.

Summary of BeagleBone Enhanced specs

Specifications listed by Murphy for the BeagleBone Enhanced SBC include:

  • Processor — TI Sitara AM3358:
    • CPU — 1x Cortex-A8 core @ 1GHz
    • GPU — SGX530 3D, 20M Polygons/S
  • RAM/storage:
    • 1GB DDR3L (606MHz)
    • 4GB (or more) eMMC flash
    • 1MB SPI boot flash
    • 1x micro-SD slot
  • Networking — 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Video — 1x HDMI output (up to 1280×1024 or 1440×900; with EDID support)
  • Other onboard I/O:
    • Stereo audio via HDMI
    • 1x USB 2.0 Clients (mini-USB connector)
    • 2x USB 2.0 Hosts (Type A socket)
    • Serial port UART0 access via 3-pin 3.3V TTL header
    • Triple-axis accelerometer and Gyro sensors
    • MEMS pressure sensor with 260-1260 mbar absolute digital output barometer
    • Optional CTI JTAG header
  • Expansion connector I/O (not listed by Murphy, but presumed present, for BeagleBone cape compatibility):
    • 3x serial
    • McASP0, SPI1, I2C
    • 65x GPIO
    • CAN
    • LCD
    • GPMC, MMC1, MMC2
    • EHRPWM
    • 7x AIN (1.8V max.)
    • 4x timers; XDMA interrupt
  • Other features:
    • 7x LEDs (1x power, 2x Ethernet, 4x user programmable)
    • TPS65217C PMIC regulator with additional DC-to-DC converter
    • 3x buttons (reset, boot, power)
  • Power — 5V DC via mini-USB, power jack, or expansion header
  • Dimensions — 86.4 x 54.5mm

“We are very proud of the way we have squeezed more onto an already impressive platform,” adds Murphy.

Further information

A crowdfunding campaign for the BeagleBone Enhanced will be launched soon, according to Murphy. In the mean time, neither pricing nor first shipment dates have been disclosed. Additional details will eventually emerge at the SanCloud website.

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3 responses to “Enhanced BeagleBone SBC has 1GB RAM, GbE, sensors”

  1. Marc Murphy says:

    The Indiegogo campaign has started for the BeagleBone Enhanced, you can order 2 different variants with or without WiFi/Bluetooth.

    Pre-order yours today.

    The SanCloud Team

  2. Richard Hinerfeld says:

    Where can I buy an Enhanced version of the Beagle Bone Black

  3. Carl James says:

    We now sell six variants (with/without antenna) based on 4 SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced (BBE) SBCs.These are the BBE WiFi 512, BBE WiFi 1G, BBE WiFi 1G + RTC and BBE Industrial.

    The features and specs of our BeagleBone Enhanced product range are summarised here:

    BBEs can be purchased direct from us via our online store:

    Best regards,
    The SanCloud Team

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