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Introducing the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+: Enhanced Connectivity for Raspberry Pi 5

May 14, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 251 views

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+, an expansion board designed to extend the connectivity options of the Raspberry Pi 5. This HAT+ facilitates the connection of M.2 peripherals, including NVMe drives and AI accelerators, to the Raspberry Pi 5’s PCIe 2.0 interface, supporting data transfer speeds of up to 500 MB/s.

The Raspberry Pi 5’s single-lane PCI Express 2.0 interface is accessible via a 16-pin, 0.5mm-pitch FPC connector. The M.2 HAT+ M Key adapter board converts this connector to a subset of the M.2 standard, supporting devices with the M.2 M key edge connector in the 2230 and 2242 form factors. Additionally, the board can supply up to 3A of power to connected M.2 devices, ensuring they receive adequate power for optimal performance.


Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ dimensions
(click image to enlarge)

The M.2 HAT+ features power and activity LEDs, which provide clear status indicators for connected devices. It conforms to the Raspberry Pi HAT+ specification, ensuring seamless integration with the Raspberry Pi 5. The accessory is also autodetected by the latest Raspberry Pi software and firmware, simplifying the setup process.

Supplied with a ribbon cable, 16mm stacking header, threaded spacers and screws, and a knurled double-flanged screw, the M.2 HAT+ is easy to install and secure. These accessories allow it to be fitted to a Raspberry Pi 5 even when the Raspberry Pi Active Cooler is in place according to the product brief.

Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+
(click image to enlarge)

The Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ operates within an ambient temperature range of 0℃ to 50℃. Its production is guaranteed until at least January 2032, ensuring long-term availability. For more details, refer to the official product announcement.

Further information

The Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ is available from several distributors. CanaKit and Vilros list it for $12.00, offers it for $14.00 and Pimoroni sells it for £11.50.

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