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Sipeed Showcases Tang Mega 138K Dock with GOWIN Series FPGA

Jun 27, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 142 views

The Sipeed Tang Mega 138K Dock is an advanced and compact FPGA development platform designed to meet both high-performance requirements and cost-effective solutions. Featuring the GOWIN GW5AST RISC-V FPGA, this platform includes a development board with key features such as PCIe x4, a GbE port, and multiple I/Os.

The Tang Mega 138K features the GW5AST-LV138PG484A FPGA with 138,240 logic units, numerous registers, and 12 phase-locked loops. The core SoM board includes an integrated RISC-V processor clocked at 800MHz, along with 4Gbit DDR3 x2, 128Mbit flash, and advanced BTB connectors. It also integrates components such as DC-DC converters, a DDR power IC, and user-configurable keys.


Sipeed Tang Mega 138K SoM
(click images to enlarge)
The Tang Mega 138K Dock board integrates a variety of high-speed and versatile interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0. It features connectors for DVI in/out, stereo audio, a MIC array, and MIPI DPI RGB LCD, among others, making it adaptable for various applications.

The product page indicates that the board is fully compatible with PCIe 2.0, featuring an external x4 interface with transfer rates up to 20GT/s. It also includes a USB3 interface provided by the WCH CH569W, supporting USB-C cables with transmission rates up to 5Gbps for high-speed communication.

Sipeed Tang Mega 138K Dock Interfaces
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The board also supports power management with a 12V DC input, battery connection, and charge/discharge management PMU. Additionally, it includes a microSD slot, gamepad connectors, and multiple user-configurable keys.

Sipeed Tang Mega 138K Accessories
(click images to enlarge)
Last year, the company launched the Sipeed Tang Mega 138K Pro version, priced at $119, which measures 70x50mm and includes a PCIe 3.0 x8 interface. In contrast, this version is available for $69, measures 34x45mm, and offers a PCIe 2.0 x4 interface, ensuring backward compatibility. The Pro version is suitable for high-speed interface development scenarios, while this version is ideal for applications requiring high cost performance and limited volume according to the product page.

The 138K Pro Dev Kit is equipped with high-speed interfaces such as PCIe, M.2, SFP, and more PMOD and HDMI ports than the standard version, making it suitable for extensive development needs. On the other hand, the 138K Dev Kit reduces the area and price by a quarter while maintaining essential functionalities like universal pin interfaces, USB3 interfaces, and handheld interfaces.

Specifications listed for the Sipeed Tang Mega 138K Dock include:

  • Memory/Storage:
    • 1G DDR3
    • 1x Micro SD slot
  • Display:
    • DVI In/Out
    • 1x RGB LCD
  • Audio:
    • 1x 3.5mm audio jack
    • 2x Speakers
    • 1x Mic array
  • Camera:
    • 1x DVP camera port
  • Expansion:
    • PCIe x4
  • Connectivity:
    • GbE port
  • I/O Interfaces:
    • 2x PMOD connectors
    • 4x 20-pin headers
    • 3x Buttons
    • 6x DIP switches
  • Other Features:
    • RGB LED(WS2812 + LED strips)
    • 4-pin fan connector
  • USB:
    • 1x USB 3.0 Type-C port
    • 1x USB-A port
  • Power:
    • 12V DC Input
    • Battery connector (3.7V)
  • Mechanical:
    • 35 x 45mm (SoM board)
    • 129 x 84.51mm (Dock board)

Sipeed Tang Mega 138K Dock
(click images to enlarge)
Further information

The SoM board is available for $68.89, while the Dock development kit, which includes additional accessories, is available for $129.60 on the Sipeed store on AliExpress.

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