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Sipeed introduces Tang Mega 138K Pro Dock

Sep 26, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 1,030 views

Today, Sipeed launched a new development board in the Tang series, featuring the powerful GOWIN GW5AST RISC-V FPGA. This versatile board offers a range of flexible features, including a GbE port, dual DVI interfaces, 8x 12.5Gbps Serdes, and a variety of other peripherals.

The new core board from Sipeed integrates the following FPGA model from GOWIN Semiconductor, offering a comprehensive set of features:


    • 138K Logic units (LUT4)
    • 138K Registers (FF)
    • 6K B-SRAM (Kbits)
    • 340 B-SRAM units
    • 298 Multipliers (18×18)
    • 12x PLLs
    • 16x Global clocks
    • 8x Transceivers (270Mbps-12.5Gbps)
    • PCIE hardcore (x1, x2, x4, x8 PCIe 2.0)
    • LVDS (1.25 Gbps)
    • MIPI D-PHY hardcore (2.5Gbps RX, 8x data lanes, 2x clock lanes)
    • RISC-V AE350_SOC Hard core processor
    • 2x ADC
    • 10x I/O banks

For high-speed data transfer and networking, the board is equipped with a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface, two SFP+ ports and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Tang Mega 138K Pro Dock dimensions
(click image to enlarge)

The carrier board provides three PMOD connectors, two ADC interfaces, an SD card slot and an EEPROM for additional storage. There is also a M.2 slot on the bottom of the device, but the Wiki pages indicate that it’s “reserved” so users might have to write the drivers themselves.

PCIe demo
(click image to enlarge)

The Tang Mega 138K Pro Dock offers dual DVI RX and DVI TX interfaces for dual-display setups. Additionally, it includes a MIC ARRAY Interface for audio input along with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a speaker interface for audio output.

Further technical documentation can be found on the Wiki pages and the following Sipeed GitHub repository.

Tang Mega 138K Pro Dock
(click images to enlarge)

Specifications listed for the Tang Mega 138K Pro Dock include:

  • Memory/Storage:
    • 1GB DDR3 (2x 512MB)
    • 128Mbits Flash x2
    • 1x MicroSD card slot
  • Display/Audio:
    • 1x DVI TX
    • 1x DVI RX
    • 3.5mm Audio jack
    • Mic array
  • Camera:
    • 2x MIPI CSI 
  • Connectivity:
    • 1x GbE port
    • 2x SFP+ 
  • Expansion:
    • PCIe 3.0 x4
    • M.2 slot
  • I/O Interfaces:
    • 40x pin expansion header (3.3V)
    • 3x PMOD connectors
    • 6x LEDs
    • 4x Buttons
  • Other Features:
    • 2x USB type-C
    • 5V Fan connector
    • JTAG + UART 8-pin connector
  • Power:
    • 12V Power input
  • Mechanical:
    • 50mm x 70mm (BTB connector)

Further information

The Tang Mega 138K Pro Dock was announced today on Sipeed’s Twitter. The complete Development kit, jump wires and other accessories are available for $195.00 on AliExpress.

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2 responses to “Sipeed introduces Tang Mega 138K Pro Dock”

  1. Conor Stewart says:

    You need to check the specs, you said it has 13k LUTs and registers. It actually has 138k LUTs, which is a big difference.

  2. Giorgio Mendoza says:

    I apologize, it was a typo.

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