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Seco bears fraternal Qseven twins

Mar 10, 2014 — by Eric Brown 436 views

Seco has spun a pair of nearly identical Qseven COMs, based on Intel Atom E3800 and AMD G-Series SoCs, and featuring extended temperature and optional SSDs.

After recently announcing a SECOpITX-GX Pico-ITX single-board computer based on an AMD Embedded G-Series SoC, Seco has unveiled a “Q7-GX” Qseven computer-on-module based on the G-Series SoC along with a similar “Q7-BT” Qseven COM that supports the Intel Atom E3800. Only the G-Series based Q7-GX ships with Linux support, although the Atom-based Q7-BT can be expected to run Linux with no problem.

The two 70 x 70mm Qseven 2.0 COMs are very similar, to the point that we’ve compiled them into a joint spec sheet below. In either case, they support the full range of available SoCs. The Q7-BT supports the quad-core, 1.91GHz version of the E3800 Atom, all the way down to the single-core, 1.46GHz E3815, featuring a 5W TDP, and it also supports Intel’s two related Celeron J1900 and N2920 models. The Q7-GX, meanwhile, uses AMD’s quad-core, 2GHz GX-420CA, down to the dual-core, 1GHz GX-210JA, featuring a 6W TDP. Generally speaking, the new 22nm E3800 Atoms outperform the 28nm G-Series SoCs on power consumption, as seen in the specs listed below.

Atom based Q7-BT (left) and G-Series SoC based Q7-GX
(click images to enlarge)

The Q7-GX also supports AMD’s two industrial temperature models: the quad-core GX-411GA and dual-core GX-209HA. However, it does not appear these are required for the -40 to 85°C industrial temperature option, which is also available on the Q7-BT.


Both COMs support up to 8GB of soldered dual-channel DDR3L RAM except for QT-BT E3825 and QT-BT E3815, each of which supports only 4GB of single-channel DDR3L RAM. An optional, soldered SATA solid state drive offers up to 128GB of onboard storage, or 32GB for the industrial temperature model.

The I/O on the two Qseven modules are similar. They both provide a choice of HDMI or DisplayPort for one video port, and eDP or LVDS for the other, both selectable as factory options. A VGA interface is also supplied. Other similarities include a gigabit Ethernet port, an SD interface, up to two SATA connections, HD audio, and various serial connections.

Both COMs provide a USB 3.0 port, and the Q7-BT supplies up to five USB 2.0 host ports, while you get six USB 2.0 hosts on the Q7-GX. All but one of the Q7-GX models supply four PCI-Express lanes compared to three on the Q7-BT.

Specifications listed for the Q7-BT and Q7-GX include:

  • Processor:
    • Q7-BT — Intel Atom E3800 with Intel HD 4000 Graphics:
      • Atom E3845 — 4x cores @ 1.91GHz; 10W TDP; 542/792MHz GPU
      • Atom E3827 — 2x cores @ 1.75GHz; 8W TDP; 542/792MHz GPU
      • Atom E3826 — 2x cores @ 1.46GHz; 7W TDP; 542/792MHz GPU
      • Atom E3825 — 2x cores @ 1.33GHz; 6W TDP; 533MHz GPU (no turbo)
      • Atom E3815 — 1x core @ 1.46GHz; 5W TDP; 400 MHz GPU (no turbo)
      • Celeron J1900 — 4x cores @ 2.0GHz; 10W TDP; 688/854MHz GPU
      • Celeron N2920 — 4x cores @ 1.86GHz; 7.5W TDP; 311/844MHz GPU
    • Q7-GX — AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs with Radeon 8000 HD Graphics:
      • GX-420CA — 4x cores @ 2.0GHz; 25W TDP; HD8400E GPU @ 600MHz
      • GX-415GA — 4x cores @ 1.5GHz; 15W TDP; HD8330E GPU @ 500MHz
      • GX-217GA — 2x cores @ 1.65GHz; 9W TDP; HD8280E GPU @450MHz
      • GX-210HA — 2x cores @ 1.0GHz; 9W TDP; HD8210E GPU @300Mhz
      • GX-210JA — 2x cores @ 1.0GHz; 6W TDP; HD8180 GPU @ 225MHz
      • GX-411GA — 4x cores @ 1.1GHz; 15W TDP; HD8210E GPU @ 300MHz; industrial temp.
      • GX-209HA — 2x cores @ 1.0GHz; 9W TDP; HD8180 GPU @ 225MHz; industrial temp.
  • RAM:
    • Up to 8GB dual-channel DDR3L soldered except for QT-BT E3825 and E3815 (4GB single-channel)
    • Q7-BT — 1333MHz
    • Q7-GX — 1600MHz (GX-420CA, GX-415GA, GX-217GA); 1333MHz (GX-210HA); 1066MHz (GX-411GA, GX-210JA, GX-209HA)
  • Storage:
    • Optional SATA flash disk (soldered) up to 128GB (commercial temp.) or 32GB (industrial temp.)
    • SD interface
    • Up to 2x external SATA channels
  • Display:
    • HDMI or DisplayPort (multimode DP on Q7-BT) as factory options
    • Embedded Display Port (eDP) or 18/24 bit dual-channel LVDS as factory options
    • VGA interface (optional external adapter required)
    • Dual independent display support
  • Networking — Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Other I/O:
    • USB 3.0 host
    • Up to 5x USB 2.0 host (Q7-BT) or 6x USB 2.0 host (Q7-GX)
    • HD audio I/O
    • I2C, LPC, SMBus
    • Optional UART and SPI
  • Expansion:
    • Q7-BT — 3x PCIe x1 lanes
    • Q7-GX – Up to 4x PCIe x1 groupable lanes (3x PCIe x1 on GX-210JA)
  • Operating temperature — 0 to 60°C (commercial) or -40 to 85°C (industrial)
  • Dimensions – 70 x 70mm; Qseven 2.0 form-factor
  • Operating system — Windows 7/8/WES7/WES8 (Q7-BT); Linux, Windows 7/8/WES7/WES8 (Q7-GX)

Further information

The Q7-BT and Q7-GX are said to be “coming soon.” More information may be found at Seco’s Q7-BT and Q7-GX product pages.

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