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NVMe-Enabled HiFiBerry-Like Board for Raspberry Pi 5 SBC

Feb 20, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 438 views

The 52Pi NVDAC is a recent addition to the range of hardware accessories designed for the Raspberry Pi 5. This hat board combines NVMe and DAC functionalities, offering a unique integration of storage and audio enhancements for the Raspberry Pi 5. Currently on pre-sale, it is expected to ship within a month.

The board includes a high-quality Digital-to-Analog Converter designed for superior audio output. It connects directly to the Raspberry Pi 5’s CPU via the I2S sound port, and the DAC supports audio sample rates up to 192kHz with a 24-bit depth, facilitating high-resolution audio playback, similarly to the HiFiBerry DAC+ Standard board.

52Pi NVDAC For Raspberry Pi 5 board overview
(click image to enlarge)

The NVDAC, equipped with a PCIe slot for NVMe 2230/2242 SSDs, boosts the Raspberry Pi 5’s storage and data transfer speeds. Utilizing NVMe technology, it enhances data access speed, ideal for rapid data retrieval and storage tasks. Designed for the Raspberry Pi 5, it ensures seamless compatibility and integration.

Adhering to the hat form factor, the 52Pi NVDAC board facilitates direct mounting onto the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring a streamlined setup. Its design is focused on ease of installation, as indicated by 52Pi, with a plug-and-play approach that minimizes the need for complex configurations.

52Pi NVDAC For Raspberry Pi 5 installation steps
(click image to enlarge)

Additionally, the compact size of the 52Pi NVDAC ensures it does not interfere with other components on the Raspberry Pi 5, maintaining the integrity of the overall system layout.

52Pi NVDAC For Raspberry Pi 5
(click images to enlarge)

The package includes the 52Pi NVDAC board, a PC104 pin header, components for securing an M.2 2230 SSD, a PCIe FFC cable, and necessary mounting hardware.

To utilize the DAC functionality, the Wiki page mentions that users must modify the /boot/config.txt file on the Raspberry Pi 5 by adding dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus,slave and rebooting the system.

Further information

The NVDAC for Raspberry Pi 5 is currently offered for pre-sale at a price of $29.99 on the 52Pi online store.

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