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Pineberry Pi adds NVMe storage capabilities to the Raspberry Pi 5

Nov 18, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 946 views

Pineberry Pi’s HatDrive Top and Bottom are two new expansion boards compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5 SBC, designed to increase its storage capacity and performance using NVMe technology.

The HatDrive Top is designed to integrate with Raspberry Pi 5, offering support for NVMe M-key drives in M.2 sizes 2230 and 2242. This device adheres to the standard Raspberry Pi HAT dimensions of 65 x 56.50 mm, ensuring compatibility with existing setups.

Technical Specifications:


NVMe Drive Support: Limited to M.2 2230 and 2242 sizes, aligning with space-efficient deployments.

PCIe Interface: Accommodates PCIe x1 in Gen2 and Gen3 standards, facilitating high-speed data transfers.

Stackable Design: Engineered for vertical expansion, allowing for the integration of multiple HAT boards.

Power Supply Options: Includes a power system compliant with M.2 standards, delivering up to 3A for the 3.3V power rail.

Pineberry Pi HatDrive Top
(click image to enlarge)

On the other hand, the HatDrive Bottom expands upon the Top variant by accommodating larger M.2 format sizes, including the 2280. This capability is crucial for applications that necessitate high-volume data storage.

Technical Specifications:

NVMe Drive Compatibility: Extends support to the M.2 2280 size, catering to larger storage requirements.

PCB Dimensions: The printed circuit board is slightly enlarged (90 x 56 mm) to house the 2280 slot while maintaining compatibility with the Raspberry Pi 5 form factor.

Redundant Power Supply Option: Features an optional 4-pin cable bundle, providing an alternative power source and enhancing reliability.

Pineberry Pi HatDrive Bottom
(click image to enlarge)

Jeff Gerling also recently uploaded the following YouTube video demonstrating how to interface and get started with the HatDrive Top with the new Raspberry Pi 5 board.

Both Pineberry Pi products come with an accessory kit which includes a dedicated FPC PCIe ribbon, spacer pins, M2.5 screws, and a spacer pin for M.2 card mounting.

Pineberry Pi HatDrive M.2 HATs
(click image to enlarge)

Further information

The HatDrive Top is available for preorder at €20.00 and the HatDrive Bottom can be preordered for €25.99, excluding shipping costs. The company’s Twitter indicates that shipping will start early in December 2023.

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