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50 Embedded Linux Conference presentation slide decks on tap

Apr 7, 2016 — by Eric Brown 5,120 views

The Linux Foundation has posted slide presentations from this week’s Embedded Linux Conference, which featured the first ever ELC keynote by Linus Torvalds.

In case you missed this week’s North American Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit in San Diego, you’ll be happy to know that videos of the live streamed event will be released in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the Linux Foundation has posted slide presentations from the event, as shown in the links farther below.

This year’s event marks the first time Linux creator and kernel overseer Linus Torvalds gave a keynote at an Embedded Linux Conference (ELC). His appearance reflects the growing importance of embedded in the Linux universe, especially of the IoT variety.


Gilbarco Encore pump
from 2007

As detailed in a Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols ZDNet summary of Torvalds’s keynote, the man who dreamed up Linux a quarter century ago admitted to having been surprised by the appearance of Linux in embedded devices about 15 years ago. “The first one that really caught my eye was a gas pump running Linux,” said Torvalds in an onstage conversation with Intel’s Dick Hohndel. (We’re not sure if this was this Malte Products gas pump system or an antecedent of the later Gilbarco Encore system, or yet another tuxified pump.)

Today, Torvalds sees a bright future for Linux in the Internet of Things, despite the fact that most of the sensor endpoints will not require it. “You also need smart devices,” he told the ELC audience. “The stupid devices talk different standards. Maybe you won’t see Linux on the leaf nodes, but you’ll see Linux in the hubs.”

Clearly, the rise of embedded Linux has been something of a headache for Torvalds. Much of it has arrived in a fragmented field of ARM-based devices that haven’t always stayed in sync with the mainline kernel.

Torvalds noted, however, that while the “embedded world has been hard to work with, it’s getting better.” Later, he noted: “The ARM community, in particular, is getting better, so now the kernel people can keep up with ARM embedded systems. It’s not perfect, but we’re getting better.”

As for IoT, Torvalds is concerned less with the potential security threats as he is with the likelihood that there will be multiple conflicting standards, particularly in home automation. “I’d love there to be one standard, but I don’t think we’ll see that for IoT connectivity,” he noted.

Thomas Gleixner

Other ELC keynotes were given by Bryan Che (Red Hat), Sarah Cooper (M2Mi), Mike Richmond (OCF), Mark Skarpness (Intel), Andy Stanford-Clark (IBM), Raj Talluri (Qualcomm), and Peter Virk (Jaguar Land Rover). There was also a keynote on Preempt-RT from real-time Linux guru and new Linux Foundation Fellow Thomas Gleixner.

Well over 100 technical presentations were presented at ELC, many of which are now available in posted slide shows. In addition to sessions detailing updates on traditional embedded Linux technologies such as security, memory management, real-time Linux, interfaces, cryptography, debugging, and the like, you’ll find presentations on drones, robots, Project ARA, the Chip SBC, and much more.

Below are links to the slides (in PDF format) from 50 of ELC 2016’s talks. Click each presentation’s title to download its slides.

Introduction to Memory Management in Linux
by Alan Ott
Implementing GCC5’s Profile-based Performance Optimizations On Embedded Systems Using The Yocto Project
by Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego
Buildroot vs. OpenEmbedded/Yocto: a four hands discussion
by Alexandre Belloni
Using DT overlays to support the C.H.I.P.’s capes
by Antoine Tenart
Static code checking in the Linux kernel
by Arnd Bergmann
Modernizing the NAND framework: the big picture
by Boris Brezillon
Debugging Custom Hardware with Linux – Tools to make your hardware engineers love you
by Chris Martin
Memory Barriers in the Linux Kernel: Semantics and Practises
by Davidlohr Bueso
Cryptography basics for embedded developers
by Eystein Stenberg
Devicetree BoFs
by Frank Rowand
Devicetree Specification
by Kanta Vekaria and Grant Likely
Embedded Virtualization
by Greg Ungerer
HDMI CEC: What? Why? How?
by Hans Verkuil
I2C hacking demistified
by Igor Stoppa
Xenomai 3: An Overview of the Real-Time Framework for Linux
by Jan Kiszka
Science Standardised Embedded Data infrastructure for Drones (SSEDD)
by Jane Wyngaard
How to port Linux to a new processor architecture
by Joël Porquet
Hacking a commercial Drone to run an open source autopilot – APM on Parrot Bebop
by Julien BERAUD
SCHED_DEADLINE: a status update
by Juri Lelli
Project Artemis – Visual Navigation for Flying Robots
by Kabir Mohammed
Build Embedded Linux systems with Clang/LLVM
by Khem Raj
Debugging the Linux Kernel with GDB
by Kieran Bingham
Understand USB (in Linux)
by Krzysztof Opasiak
libiio – Access to Sensor Devices made easy
by Lars-Peter Clausen
Lessons from Ion
by Laura Abbott
Using Openembedded with Snapdragon Flight
by Mark Charlebois
Stale data, or how we (mis-)manage modern caches
by Mark Rutland
Bringing display and 3D to the C.H.I.P computer
by Maxime Ripard
Securing Embedded Linux
by Michael E Anderson
Understanding ARM HW Debug Options
by Michael E Anderson
Drone simulation with gazebo
by Nicolas CARRIER
Linux Integrated System Analysis (LISA) & Friends
by Patrick Bellasi
Google ProjectARA Power Management Challenges
by Patrick Titiano
Automated Testing Laboratory for Embedded Linux Distributions
by Paweł Wieczorek
Tizen based remote controller car using raspberry pi2
by Pintu Kumar
OpenEmbedded in the Real World
by Scott Murray
A quick survey of OSS licenses, tools, and compliance
by Sean Hudson
Embedded Systems meets real life — The Orange Empire Railroad Museum Signal Garden
by Stephen D Oualline
Understanding a Real-Time System
by Steven Rostedt
Bluetooth on modern Linux
by Szymon Janc
IPv6 For Developers Used to IPv4
by Thiago Macieira
OpenBMC – a customized Linux distribution running on BMC
by Tian Fang
Introduction to the Fuego test system
by Tim Bird
Why is robotics converging on embedded linux and where’s it going next?
by Tully Foote
Developing a Standard Interface for Drones
by Tully Foote
Increase test coverage in Linux based distros
by Victor Rodriguez
Swapping on Android: compression relieves the pressure?
by Vitaly Wool
Socio-Technical Aspects of Long Term Embedded Systems Maintenance
by Wolfgang Mauerer
The Latest status of CE Workgroup Shared Embedded Linux Distribution Project
by Yoshitake Kobayashi
Introduction of Civil Infrastructure Platform Project
by Yoshitake Kobayashi

Further information

The North American Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit slide shows are posted at this Linux Foundation events page. Videos should follow in the coming weeks.

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