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IoT security certification group gains steam

Jan 27, 2022 — by Eric Brown 278 views

The ioXT Alliance, which offers a certification program for IoT security, announced it has certified 195 products and grown to 580 members. Meanwhile, Timesys is seeking participants for a survey on IoT security.

The ioXt Alliance announced major gains for its Internet of Things security certification program over the past year. In related news, Timesys has extended a survey on IoT security through Feb 1. By taking the five-minute survey you can win a chance at cash prizes (see farther below).

The ioTX Alliance launched in late 2018 and has gone on to establish a set of IoT security standards and a certification program for products that comply with them. The organization announced that in 2021 the number of products that were ioTX certified grew by 275 percent for a total of 195 certified products from vendors including Google, Tuya, Midea, Motorola, and Lenovo. Products include both hardware and software, as well as categories including smart home, lighting controls, smart building, IoT Bluetooth, smart retail, portable medical, smart home, mobile apps, pet trackers, routers, and automotive technology.

ioXt Alliance certified products page
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Membership grew by 63 percent in 2021 to 580 active members. The members range from tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Arm, Lenovo, Motorola, IBM, and NXP to telecoms like Comcast and T-Mobile and many smaller security firms and device manufacturers.


Members sign a pledge that includes eight principles to “bring security, upgradability and transparency to the market and directly into the hands of consumers.” The principles include a vow for no universal passwords, secured interfaces, proven cryptography, security by default, verified software, automatic security updates, a vulnerability reporting program, and a security expiration date.

In 2021, certification profiles were expanded to include mobile applications with added requirements for virtual private network (VPN) applications. The group also added Bishop Fox as a member of the ioXt Authorized Labs, joining Bureau Veritas, Brightsight, Dekra, NCC Group, Now Secure, and Onward Security.

To find out if your product complies with the ioTX standard, you can enter specs into the ioTX portal. Independent researchers will then validate the submission.

To achieve certification, you must join a subscription program and send your product into the labs to be certified. Certification status is reevaluated as new device or app versions are released.

“Global brands are turning to ioXt Alliance to help further their commitment to security by providing the means for testing and third-party validation of their connected devices and applications to ensure the safety of all end-users,” stated Grace Burkard, Director of Operations of ioXt Alliance.

Timesys IoT security survey

Longtime embedded Linux software development firm Timesys has increasingly emphasized IoT security in services and products such as its TRST security solution for embedded Linux IoT devices. The company recently posted a 2021-2022 Cybersecurity Survey for IoT Device Manufacturers and has extended the deadline through Feb. 1. The survey is open to software developers, hardware designers, product security engineers, QA, engineering managers, and executives working in the IoT space.

The survey comprises 10 questions and takes about five minutes. Five of the participants will randomly be selected to receive a $50 VISA gift card.

The survey covers “driving factors for security, security processes being implemented, specific technologies being used, security challenges companies are facing, and more,” says Timesys. Participants will gain early access to survey results.

Further information

More information on the ioTX Alliance may be found on its website.

The Timesys IoT security survey may be found here.

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