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Zededa cloud/edge framework builds on Linux-based EVE-OS

Jan 28, 2021 — by Eric Brown 1,323 views

Zededa has launched a cloud-native stack for orchestrating distributed edge computers based on the open source, Linux-based EVE-OS. Zededa supports Docker, Kubernetes, and VMs, and features an app store and zero trust security.

In early 2019, Zededa promised to contribute its edge virtualization technology to the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge group to form the basis for an open source Project EVE, designed as an open, interoperable framework for cloud native edge computing. By mid-year, the code transfer was complete and the resulting EVE-OS has continued to mature. Now, Zededa is using EVE-OS as the centerpiece of a full Zededa orchestration stack for distributed edge computing.

The subscription based Zededa service aims to reinvent embedded computing using Docker containers and other open source cloud-native software such as Kubernetes. The effort dovetails with a larger industry push to deliver cloud software to the edge to reduce communications costs and latency and improve security. In the case of Zededa in particular, the technology enables developers with strong cloud computing skills, but limited experience with embedded, to tackle the growing demand for edge computing solutions.

Zededa conceptual diagram
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With Zededa, “companies can now have full-stack remote management and observability for any distributed edge computing hardware and edge application while connecting to any cloud or on-premises system,” says the San Jose, Calif. based firm. The platform supports any combination of virtual machines, Docker containers, and Kubernetes clusters running on distributed edge hardware.


The core EVE-OS distribution is designed to run a variety of edge workloads simultaneously on a single computer, decoupling application management from the underlying hardware. Leveraging EVE-OS’ open APIs, the Zededa stack adds full remote orchestration software. The distribution’s openness helps customers avoid proprietary silos.

The Zededa’s software’s “zero touch” interface enables customers to “deploy and manage compute nodes anywhere with no IT expertise required on site,” says the company. Features include instant onboarding, flexible app deployments and updates, and roll-forward and roll-back support for both the apps and the OS.

Zededa extends EVE-OS’ zero trust cybersecurity model with a zero trust framework that “authenticates and approves requests at every point, not just the perimeter.” The security features build on hardware-based root of trust, providing a crypto-based ID that eliminates the need for local device username and password.

The security software provides measured boot, data encryption both in motion and at rest, and physical I/O blocking to prevent tampering in the field. Other features include a distributed firewall to route network traffic based on policy.

Zededa is working on an app marketplace for deploying edge apps that “make real-time decisions, maximize operational efficiency and drive new business outcomes.” Zededa emphasizes the platform’s flexibility in delivering new AI and IoT applications, as well as apps that build on AR/VR, 5G, security, and network virtualization.

The app marketplace is part of an “Open Edge Ecosystem” that includes a white-label edge hardware service offering pre-integrated software. Eco-system partners include Accenture, Advantech, Dianomic, Google, HPE, Inductive Automation, Lanner, Microsoft, PTC, SAS, Supermicro, and SUSE.

“We’re seeing customers commence Kubernetes projects with thousands to tens of thousands of nodes, and this requires a foundation that provides visibility,” stated Sheng Liang, President of Engineering and Innovation at SUSE. “Zededa provides a secure foundation for us to extend our supported Kubernetes offer outside of data centers.”

The announcement includes several testimonial quotes from Zededa’s customers that have been trialing the software. Stated Matthew Conwell, Director, Operations Engineering at Invenergy: “Deploying predictive maintenance apps through Zededa’s IoT edge orchestration solution has provided new insights into our wind turbines and is expected to both improve uptime and reduce O&M costs.”

Further information

Zededa’s “distributed edge orchestration solution” is available as a service with a subscription-based enterprise license, including 24/7 support. Pricing is not publicly available. More information may be found in the announcement, as well as a less marketing infused blog post and the Zededa website. You can also sign up for a Feb. 10 webinar that includes a product demonstration.

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