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Yocto-powered automotive gateways splurge on wireless options

Dec 21, 2017 — by Eric Brown 799 views

Eurotech’s rugged, LTE-ready “DynaGate 10-12” and “DynaGate 10-06” automotive IoT gateways run Yocto Linux on AM335x and i.MX6 UL SoCs, respectively, and offer serial, DIO, USB, and CAN links.

Eurotech, which is known for its Yocto Linux driven ReliaGate IoT gateways and Everyware Software Framework (ESF) IoT middleware platform, has launched a pair of rugged, Yocto-based DynaGate IoT gateways for automotive applications. Both the TI Sitara based DynaGATE 10-12 and the NXP i.MX6 UL powered DynaGATE 10-06 ship with E-Mark and SAE/J1455 automotive compliance, and offer carrier pre-certifications for their optional LTE Cat 1, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.2 with BLE modems. The systems are designed for a variety of vehicular applications, including asset tracking and public transportation.

DynaGate 10-12 (left) and DynaGate 10-06

Both models support ESF, and ship with an Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 Virtual Machine. They are also Microsoft Azure Certified. Both systems provide standard -40 to 85ºC support and 6-36VDC inputs with vehicle ignition sense. The gateways supply varying types and instances of DIO, USB, and CAN connections, as well as RS-232/RS-485 ports with RS-485 termination and failsafe resistors.

Common features include 4GB eMMC, a microSD slot, 2x Fast Ethernet ports, a serial console port, LEDs, and a watchdog. You also get an RTC with supercap batteries, as well as temperature and accelerometer sensors. Options include dual micro-SIM slots and various wireless antennas. TPM is a factory option.


Note that options are linked to particular SKUs, so you can’t necessarily pick and choose. Then again, Eurotech notes that personalization and customization services are available.

In addition to the above options, the DynaGate 10-12 and DynaGate 10-06 both support Eurotech’s ReliaCell 10-20 family of rugged 2G/3G/LTE cellular modules, which have been pre-certified by various global carriers. (ReliaCell is also available with Eurotech’s recent BoltMAR 20-11 mobile access router.)

DynaGate 10-12

The 139 x 118 x 52mm DynaGate 10-12 runs Yocto Linux on the Texas Instruments AM335x Sitara, a well-traveled, 1GHz Cortex-A8 SoC found on the BeagleBone. The low-power SoC enables the gaetway to offer 2W typical and 15W maximum consumption.

DynaGate 10-12

The DynaGate 10-12 ships with 1GB of DDR3, and has 3x noise and surge protected USB host ports, 2x surge-protected RS-232/RS-485 ports, and 2x CANBus ports with 5V (100mA) outputs. The device provides 2x 36V, 1KV opto-isolated digital inputs and 2x 40VAC/DC digital outputs.

In addition to the features listed in the intro for both DynaGate models, the DynaGate 10-12 adds a Eurotech side expansion connector for a variety of I/O modules. There’s also a standard GPS with Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou, and factory optional untethered dead reckoning. You also get reset and programmable buttons. The IP40-protected gateway features high retention connectors and screw-flange terminal blocks, as well as transient protection on its 6-36VDC power input.

In addition to supporting ReliaCell, the DynaGate 10-12 is also expandable with Eurotech’s ReliaLora 10-12 LoRa LPWAN Gateway unit, as well as the ReliaIO 10-12 DAQ unit. Both options are also available on Eurotech devices including the recent ReliaGate 10-12 gateway.

DynaGate 10-06

The 183 x 178 x 62mm DynaGate 10-06 runs Yocto on NXP’s i.MX6 UltraLite (UL) SoC with a single Cortex-A7 core clocked to 528MHz. This low-power SoC will likely permit an even lower power profile than the DynaGate 10-12’s 2W consumption, but no power figures were listed.

DynaGate 10-06

The DynaGate 10-06 ships with 512MB DDR3L, and offers a single noise and surge protected USB 2.0 port. The system is further equipped with dual non-isolated CAN ports and 3x three-wire, non-isolated, surge protected RS-232/RS-485 ports. Surge-protected DIO includes one ignition key interface and an odometer connection with a configurable input threshold. GPS with dead reckoning is available on most SKUs.

In addition to the common features listed in the intro, all but one SKU of the DynaGate 10-06 ships with a 2000mAh NiMH UPS. (Li-Ion UPS is a factory option.) The wide-range power supply includes surge, noise, reverse polarity, overvoltage, and short protection. The system is protected against ingress per IP67, and offers rugged M12 connectors.

DynaGate 15-10

We missed an earlier DynaGate 15-10 transportation grade gateway, which runs Yocto on an Intel Quark X1020D. We haven’t heard much about the Linux-ready Quark over the last year, not to mention the newer MCU-based Quarks. In July, Intel discontinued the Quark SE-based Curie module. An August EETimes report speculated that Intel had given up on the Quark platform.

DynaGate 15-10

Further information

The DynaGate 10-12 will be available starting in early Q1 2018, and the DynaGate 10-06 will ship later that quarter. More information may be found in Eurotech’s DynaGate 10-12 and DynaGate 10-06 product pages.

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