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Waveshare ESP32-S3 dev board integrates 4.3” Touch LCD

Nov 28, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 753 views

Waveshare has unveiled a versatile development board incorporating the ESP32-S3 SoC and a 4.3” capacitive touch display, making it ideal for projects requiring a touch interface and connectivity. This board is especially suitable for developing Human-Machine Interfaces, IoT devices, and other interactive applications.

At the core of this Waveshare development board is the Espressif Systems ESP32-S3 SoC, featuring a dual-core Xtensa LX7 processor capable of speeds up to 240 MHz. It is equipped with 512KB of SRAM and 384KB ROM, enhancing its processing capabilities. Additionally, the board includes onboard 8MB PSRAM and 8MB Flash for extended memory and storage options.

ESP32-S3 block diagram
(click image to enlarge)

A key highlight is the 4.3-inch capacitive touch display, offering a resolution of 800×480 and supporting 65K colors. The display’s 5-point touch control, managed via the I2C interface, adds a layer of interactivity, making it user-friendly for various applications.

This development board offers a variety of interfaces, including CAN, RS485, I2C, and a MicroSD card slot for expanded storage. Additionally, it is equipped with two USB Type-C ports, one of which serves as a USB to UART port.

ESP32-S3 4.3” Capacitive Touch Display dimensions
(click images to enlarge)

The board includes several specialized chips, like the SGM2212-3.3 for a stable, low-noise power supply, and the FSUSB42UMX for efficient USB pin multiplexing. These components enhance the board’s functionality, making it adaptable for diverse applications.

It also integrates essential status indicators for power, battery charging, and charging completion. The CS8501 lithium battery recharge manager, coupled with an 800mA low-noise LDO, ensures efficient power usage and effective battery management.

ESP32-S3 4.3” Capacitive Touch Display peripherals
(click image to enlarge)

For ease of use, Waveshare provides a short Wiki page with instructions to interface this board with the Arduino IDE. The board is also compatible with GUI programs using LVGL, facilitating rapid development.

ESP32-S3 4.3” Capacitive Touch Display accessories
(click image to enlarge)

Specifications listed for the ESP32-S3 4.3” Capacitive Touch Display include:

  • Storage:
    • 1x MicroSD card slot
  • Connectivity:
    • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) & Bluetooth 5 (LE)
    • Onboard antenna
  • Display:
    • 4.3” Capacitive touch display
  • I/O Interfaces:
    • 1x Sensor header
    • 1x CAN header
    • 1x I2C header
    • 1x RS485 header
    • I/O expansion chip (CH422G)
  • USB:
    • 1x USB to UART Type-C port
    • 1x USB Type-C port
    • USB to UART chip (CH343P)
  • Other Features:
    • CAN interface chip (TJA1051T/3/1J)
    • Screen backlight boost chip (MP3302DJ-LF-Z)
    • RS485 transceiver chip (SP3485)
    • 3x Status LEDs
    • 1x Boot button, 1x Reset button
  • Power:
    • 3.7V single lithium battery header
    • Lithium battery recharge manager (CS8501)
    • 800mA low-noise LDO
  • Mechanical:
    • 106.00 x 68.00mm

Further information

The ESP32-S3 4.3” Capacitive Touch Display Development Board can be obtained for $29.99 from the Waveshare online store.

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