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(Updated) Milk-V Duo S: Dual-Core RISC-V SBC Open for Pre-Order Starting at $11.00

Mar 22, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 529 views

The Milk-V Duo S is another tiny Single Board Computer that combines the open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture with the widely used ARM architecture. This dual-core design offers flexibility and performance for embedded computing. Scheduled to ship in March 2024, this board has improved specifications and features compared to the Duo Classic, and it supports both Linux and FreeRTOS operating systems.

This product includes the SOPHON SG2000 Dual-Core RV64 Processor featuring Dual C906 RV64 Cores (@1GHz and @700MHz) and an ARM Cortex-A53 Core (@1GHz), complemented by a 8051 6KB MCU and a 0.5 TOPs (Int8) TPU similarly to the Milk-V Duo launched in June 2023. The Duo S variant steps up with 512MB DDR3 RAM and 8GB eMMC for storage.

The board includes a 5M @ 30FPS ISP for imaging purposes. Equipped with 2x MIPI CSI 2-Lane ports and 1x MIPI DSI 4-Lane accessible via GPIO for multimedia tasks. The Duo S has a hardware H.264/H.265 encoding feature, which enables it to handle various video applications. Additionally, the board incorporates audio support via GPIO pads.


SOPHON SG2000 block diagram
(click image to enlarge)

For connectivity, the Milk-V Duo S  comes with an onboard 100Mbps Ethernet and options for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. Additionally, it supports microSD and SPI. The board has a compact 43x43mm form factor with pre-soldered header pins, making it convenient and versatile for various scenarios.

Milk-V Duo S pinout
(click image to enlarge)

Equipped with 39x GPIOs, this device is powered via a USB-C port and offers a 3.3V 2A output, along with low battery detection. It includes USB 2.0 Type-A in Host mode for enhanced connectivity, and an optional PoE HAT is available to further expand its capabilities.

Preliminary documentation for this board can be found on the Milk-V Wiki pages and their GitHub repository. Additionally, the following video from Platima Tinkers demonstrates the Milk-V Duo 256M (same SG2000) booting up the device.

Another product from Milk-V is the Camera Module, which is compatible with the Duo series and provides an affordable imaging solution with its GALAXYCORE GC2083 CMOS sensor. This hardware version 1.1 features a 1/3 inch sensor with 1920×1080 resolution, RAW 10bit/8bit support, and up to 30fps video capture. 

Its low power consumption and additional functionalities like frame sync, windowing, and mirror and flip support, along with a dynamic range of 74 dB and a maximum SNR of 37 dB, make it a suitable choice for various image processing projects.

Milk-V Duo S + camera
(click image to enlarge)

Further information

The Milk-V Duo S is currently available for pre-order at $11.00, excluding Wi-Fi and onboard storage. A variant with Wi-Fi is priced at $14.00. It’s important to note that SD cards and cables are not included with the purchase. Shipping is anticipated to start on March 18, 2024, as stated on the product page.

The Milk-V Camera Module is listed for $8.00 on the website.

(Update: 3/22/2024) Arace Tech has updated its inventory to include these boards featuring Wi-Fi/BT5 connectivity, now available for $12.99.

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One response to “(Updated) Milk-V Duo S: Dual-Core RISC-V SBC Open for Pre-Order Starting at $11.00”

  1. chip says:

    Very interesting, but just like many other boards out there, the vendor supplied images are likely going to become unmaintained as soon as the board is declared obsolete from the manufacturer, although still perfectly usable, therefore I’d rather wait for support from well established Linux distros like Debian or embedded dedicated ones such as Armbian or DietPI.

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