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Tizen DevCon issues 2013 presentations list v1

Apr 15, 2013 — by Rick Lehrbaum 576 views

After reviewing more than 160 session proposals, the program committee of Tizen Developers Conference 2013 has published the event’s preliminary list of 45 presentations. The sessions will be organized in three tracks: Tizen project, process, and progress; app development and deployment; and platform and device development.

“We have created a balanced schedule, trying to fulfill the needs of the application developer community, those investigating deploying Tizen on their devices, and the community of people currently developing Tizen,” says the committee.


The annual Tizen Developers Conference is a gathering of Tizen developers, app developers, platform designers, mobile operators, OEMs, hardware vendors, software vendors, open-source enthusiasts, and anyone else “engaged in Tizen.” It will take place May 22-24 in San Francisco.

“Attendees will explore the future of open source mobile computing in devices ranging from smart phones to in-vehicle infotainment systems,” say conference organizers.

The preliminary list of presentations appears below.

Tizen project, process, and progress:

  • Approach of In-Vehicle Infotainment development on open source software
  • Security Analysis of Native Applications for the Tizen platform
  • The Tizen Development Model
  • Tizen Compliance Tests (TCT)
  • Tizen Overview and Architecture
  • Tizen Store introduction
  • Web Infrastructure
  • Web OS opportunities and challenges in China market

Application development and deployment

  • An Overview of the Tizen Native Application Framework
  • Basics of HTML5 game development
  • Cordova on Tizen Magnolia
  • Developer Highlight Presentations: Native App Development for Tizen Devices
  • Developer Highlight Presentations: Web App Development for Tizen Devices
  • HAXM accelerates Tizen SDK emulator on Windows/Mac
  • Highly portable HTML5 games on Tizen
  • HTML5 features on Tizen
  • Introduction of Tizen SDK minimal web development tools
  • Making Tizen Native Apps with the Native UI Framework
  • Migration of Existing WebApps to Tizen
  • Porting existing PhoneGap apps to Tizen OS
  • Porting iOS and Android Applications to Tizen
  • Protecting JavaScript Source code in Web Runtime
  • Social Platform Concept and Demo: beyond Tizen 2.x
  • Tizen Design Guideline and User Experience
  • Tizen supporting Enablers and Game Engines
  • Tizen Web Device API Hands-On Lab
  • Tizen. Using the Smart Approach to Attract Apps
  • WebGL & WebSockets for 3D Multi-Platform Multiplayer Gaming
  • Write Your “Angry Bird” Game on Tizen for Fun and Profit

Platform and device development:

  • Accelerated HTML5 Rendering for the Tizen Platform
  • Audio management for Tizen IVI
  • Best Practice for Tizen Platform: from code to device
  • Content Security Framework
  • Experiences Developing a Wayland Based Tizen IVI HMI
  • Fixing the leaking tap — power management enabling and tuning for IA Tizen phone
  • Hardening WebKit2
  • How to embrace wayland for tizen
  • It May Be Simple But How Is It Useful, Smack Me Now
  • Next generation BlueZ & Bluetooth Smart devices
  • Performance optimization of Tizen Webkit: Memory and Graphics
  • Rendering Quality in WebKit’s Open Source Graphics Stack
  • Tizen Download & Go for IVI
  • Tizen Input Service Framework Overview
  • Tizen Telephony Framework in Tizen 2.1: what’s new?
  • Tizen Web Runtime Update

The program committee says the list above is subject to change, “as speakers confirm their presence and we finalize details.”

For more information on the Tizen Developers Conference 2013 event, visit the event’s website, here.

About Tizen

Tizen Architecture
(click image to enlarge)

Basically, Tizen is a cross-architecture, open source software platform based on a comprehensive standards-based HTML5 implementation that was designed to support multiple device segments, including the smartphone, tablet, smart TV, netbook, and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) markets.

To achieve this cross-platform flexibility, Tizen uses HTML5 as the main focus for application development, allowing developers to maintain a single codebase. The Tizen platform supports Web applications (HTML, Javascript, CSS) and provides a rich set of services that include an application framework plus content, location, messaging, multimedia, network, social, and system services.

The presentation slides from Intel’s Tizen talk at IDF2013 in Beijing can be viewed here. For further details on Tizen, visit the Tizen Project website.


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