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Tiny compute module and dev kit give root to STM32MP1 applications

Jul 20, 2021 — by Eric Brown 580 views

MYIR’s tiny “MYC-YA15XC-T” module runs Linux on ST’s STM32MP1 with up to 512MB DDR3L and 4GB eMMC and optional -45 to -85°C support. The module is supported with a “MYD-YA15XC-T” dev kit.

MYIR announced a 39 x 37mm MYC-YA15XC-T module as a more compact alternative to its 45 x 43mm MYC-YA157C module, which similarly runs Linux on STMicroelectronics’ 650MHz to 800MHz, single- or dual-core, Cortex-A7 STM32MP1. The SoC also integrates a 209MHz Cortex-M4 MCU, cryptography, and secure boot.


The MYC-YA15XC-T lacks the MYC-YA157C’s GbE controller and is limited to 148 stamp-hole (castellated-hole) pins instead of 164. This was enough of a difference for MYIR to whip up a custom MYD-YA15XC-T carrier board for the module instead of using the MYC-YA157C’s smaller MYD-YA157C board (see farther below).


The MYC-YA15XC-T is available in two memory configurations: 256MB DDR3L with 256MB NAND flash and 512MB DDR3L with 4GB eMMC. Each configuration is available in 0 to 70°C and -45 to -85°C tolerant models. The modules default to the single-core STM32MP151, but other options include the dual-core STM32MP153, which adds CAN FD support, and the STM32MP157, which also adds a Vivante 3D GPU and a MIPI-DSI display interface.

I/O includes 8x serial, 5x I2C, 4x SPI, 16x ADC, and 2x USB host (or 1x host and 1x OTG). Other peripherals include 2x SDIO, 5x LPTIM, 10x TIM, up to 109 GPIOs, and a single RGMII link for supporting Ethernet on the carrier.

MYC-YA15XC-T block diagram (left) and STM32MP1 model chart
(click images to enlarge)

An RGB interface supports 16-/18-/24-bit, up to 1366 x 768 @ 60fps resolution. Dual CAN interfaces are active when using the STM32MP153 and STM32MP157 configurations. The module runs on 5V/0.5A power and has a PMIC (STPMIC1APQR) and EEPROM.

MYIR is supplying its usual custom Linux stack with kernel 5.4.31, Yocto files, U-Boot, and drivers. MYIR also provides the Qt-enabled MEasy-HMI software that was previously promoted for the MYC-YA157C.

MYD-YA15XC-T carrier

The MYD-YA15XC-T carrier board measures 137.3 x 105mm and has a 5V/2A DC input jack. Despite the lack of an Ethernet controller on the module, the board has a GbE port powered by a Qualcomm AR8035 Ethernet transceiver.

MYD-YA15XC-T and block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

The MYD-YA15XC-T is equipped with a microSD slot, 2x USB 2.0 host ports, and 2x USB Type-C ports for debug and DRP (dual-role power). Dual 20-pin “RPI” connectors, which possibly is shorthand for Raspberry Pi, supports multiple SPI, I2C, UART, SAI, and CAN. The RPI connector is available with an optional MY-WIREDCOM RPI module, which offers CAN, RS485, and RS232 ports.

Two more dual 10-pin banks enable USB/ADC/GPIO and SDIO/UART, respectively. The latter supports an optional MY-WF005S WiFi/BT module.

Media features include a 30-pin FPC connector camera interface that supports an optional MYIR MY-CAM011B camera. There are also dual 10-pin DCMI (Digital Camera Interface) interfaces.

MYD-YA15XC-T detail views
(click images to enlarge)

A 50-pin LCD interface supports an optional MY-LCD70TP-C capacitive touchscreen. The same connector supports an optional MY-RGB2HDMI adapter module that converts the LCD interface into an HDMI port. A separate, dual 25-pin RGB/TP interface is also available. Other features include an RTC with battery holder, 2x LEDs, and power, reset, and user buttons.

Further information

The MYC-YA15XC-T module ranges from $20 to $31 in single units, presumably with the default, single-core STM32MP151, and the MYD-YA15XC-T carrier sells for $69 (board only) or $79 (with power adapter, etc.). The prices include the MYC-YA15XC-T module. Shipping from China to North America costs another $25 or $31, respectively. (Other regions are also supported.) Prices are also listed for the various add-ons mentioned above.

More information may be found in MYIR’s announcement, as well as the MYC-YA15XC-T and MYD-YA15XC-T product pages.


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