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SLG47910V 1K LUT: The First Low-Density FPGA in the ForgeFPGA Family

Jun 27, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 163 views

The SLG47910V ForgeFPGA is an FPGA that offers a robust feature set, low power consumption, and affordability, complemented by free, easy-to-use development software. It is designed for applications in sensor data aggregation, consumer electronics, and portable computing devices such as notebooks and tablets.

The SLG47910V IC integrated into the board is designed for low power consumption and includes 1120 5-bit Lookup Tables, 1120 D Flip-Flops and a memory configuration comprising 5 kb of distributed memory and 32 kb of block RAM. It features a 50 MHz on-chip oscillator and a phase-locked loop that can utilize an external source or the internal oscillator.


SLG47910V ForgeFPGA Block Diagram
(click image to enlarge)

The SLG7EVBFORGE ForgeFPGA evaluation board compatible with this product includes two Pmod connectors for peripheral expansions and a Zero Insertion Force socket, which simplifies the replacement and testing of the SLG47910V IC.

This board is USB-powered and facilitates design emulation, programming, and real-time testing through a USB-C connection. It features configurable VDD and VDDIO power sources, enhancing its adaptability for various electronic designs.

 Go Configure Software Hub
(click image to enlarge)

This product is managed through Renesas’ Go Configure Software Hub, which enables the board to support emulation, IC programming, and internal UART terminal operations, as detailed on the product page.

According to the datasheet, the product can be programmed via OTP Non-Volatile Memory or an SPI interface, ensuring a secure and flexible framework for FPGA configuration.

(click image to enlarge)

There is also a brief blog post on the ADIUVO Engineering website that discusses how to create a simple program using the Go Configure software for this product.

Further information

The SLG7EVBFORGE development board is listed at a price of $177.18 on Mouser.

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