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Silicon Labs kit comes with 2.4GHz antenna and environment sensors

Jun 30, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 253 views

The xG27-DK2602A development kit is a tiny board featuring a Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko SoC for portable IoT applications. This kit offers a range of features including four environment sensors, onboard debugger and up to 20 I/Os.

The datasheet for this product indicates that the development kit features the EFR32BG27 Wireless Gecko System-on-Chip with integrated PA with up to 8dBm (2.4GHz) TX power, Secure Boot with Root of Trust and Secure Loader (RTSL). 


  • EFR32BG27 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 (up to 76.8MHz) w/ DSP and FPU; 64kB RAM; 768kB Flash; 2.4GHz radio operation

EFR32BG27 (left) and xG27 kit block diagram (right)
(click images to enlarge)

Key hardware elements on the development kit include a 2.4 GHz ceramic antenna for wireless transmission, as well as a range of sensors such as the Silicon Labs Si7021 relative humidity and temperature sensor, the Silicon Labs Si7210 hall effect sensor, the Vishay VEML6035 ambient light sensor, and the TDK InvenSense ICM-20689 6-axis inertial sensor.

The kit is also equipped with two Knowles SPK0641HT4H-1 MEMS microphones, allowing audio capture, isolation switches for ultra-low power operation, an on-board SEGGER J-Link debugger and automatic switchover between USB and battery power. Additionally, the kit features a CR2032 coin cell holder and 8Mbit Mbit serial flash which can be used for Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware upgrades, or as a general purpose non-volatile memory.

xG27-DK2602A pinout (left) and power options (right)
(click images to enlarge)

The xG27 Dev Kit offers 20 breakout pads that provide access to the peripherals of the EFR32BG27 Wireless Gecko, such as I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIOs. These breakout pads follow the same pinout as the expansion headers (EXP) on other Silicon Labs Starter Kits .

xG27-DK2602A peripherals
(click images to enlarge)

For software development, the xG27 dev kit is fully supported by Simplicity Studio and Silicon Labs will also provide a Board Support Package (BSP) to help customers accelerate with their products.

Specifications listed for the xG27-DK2602A dev board include:

  • Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth 5.2 Direction Finding
    • Integrated PA w/  up to 8 dBm (2.4 GHz) TX power
  • I/O Interfaces:
    • 20-pin expansion header
    • 1x Mini Simplicity connector
    • 2x Microphones
    • 1x User button
  • Sensors:
    • 1x Hall effect sensor
    • 1x Ambient light & UV sensor
    • 1x 6-axis Inertial sensor
    • 1x Humidity & Temperature sensor
  • Debug:
    • On-board USB J-Link debugger
  • Other Features:
    • CR2032 Coin cell holder
    • 1x Reset button
    • 1x User LED
  • USB:
    • 1x USB Micro-B port
  • Power:
    • 5V DC (via USB Micro-B port)
    • 3.3V DC (via Mini Simplicity)
    • 3V DC (via battery)
  • Mechanical: 
    • 30.4 x 45.4mm

Further information

This specific development kit can be backordered from Mouser for ~$75.10. 

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