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Software adds motion-awareness to TV STBs

Apr 8, 2013 — by Rick Lehrbaum 409 views

Movea’s motion-processing software now supports TV set-top boxes (STBs) built with STMicroelectronics “Orly Platform” STB SOCs (system-on-chips). The “SmartMotion Server” software can add gesture-based user interface features to TV STBs running Linux and Android.

The SmartMotion Server motion-processing software is intended to ease the process of developing intuitive motion-based user interfaces for TV STBs and other connected home systems, according to Movea. The SmartMotion framework provides gesture-based interaction support for applications such as web browsing, video-on-demand catalogs, media center and social media navigation, and gaming.

The framework lets users “effortlessly navigate the interface applications and content with natural in-air point-and-click, up and down swipes for easy scroll, gesture recognition and multi touch emulation with motion,” as described by the company. UIs designed with SmartMotion can let users play games using the remote as a controller — for example, to navigate an on-screen vehicle, they might “hold and turn the remote as they would do with a real steering wheel.”


SmartMotion software architecture
(click image to enlarge)

As seen in the block diagram above, Movea’s SmartMotion technologies depend on a SmartMotion Server software on the STB works in tandem with SmartMotion Device software running on handheld devices, including smartphones and remote controls. Key features of the combination, as listed by Movea, include:

  • In-air point-and-click
  • Gesture recognition
  • Dynamic rotations with gesture recognition and user intent anticipation
  • 3D orientation

SmartMotion Server runs on embedded Linux- and Android-based devices, among other OSes.

ST’s Orly SOCs

As an example of ST’s Orly STB SOCs, the STiH416 integrates an ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core CPU, an SMP NEON SIMD engine, and an ARM Mali-400 quad-core GPU, and supports up to 1080p60 stereoscopic 3D graphics. Importantly, it also includes an integrated low-power processor, enabling sub-30mW standby power consumption. A block diagram of the STiH416 appears below.

Block diagram of ST’s Orly Platform SOC
(click image to enlarge)

The companies demonstrated SmartMotion Server running on a TV STB at the China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN) in Beijing late last month. For more information on SmartMotion Server, visit Movea’s website, here. To learn more about ST’s Orly STB SOC, go here.

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