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SBCs that were in Jan. 2020 catalog but removed in Jan. 2021

Below are the SBC models that appeared in our Jan. 2020 roundup, but have not been included here, with an explanation as to why they have been removed. Some still have shopping pages, which we have linked to.

Atomic Pi — Team IoT’s low-cost, Intel Cherry Trail based Atomic Pi SBC is now history, with no more product page or support. However, Ameridroid is still selling off remaining stock at $39.95.


Avenger96 — Arrow’s STM32MP157-based, 96Boards Extended form factor Avenger96 is listed as “currently no longer available for order” at Arrow.

CubieAIO-A20, CubieBoard, CubieBoard6 — With the shuttering of the fading and CubieTech selling off stock, we have condensed our coverage from five boards to the most recent CubieBoard5 and CubieBoard7. We have still included shopping links there for the CubieBoard4, CubieBoard5, and CubieAIO boards.

Edge TPU Developer Board — Bitmain’s AI-focused board, which had nothing to do with Google’s Edge TPU chip, was announced back in Nov. 2018 as the Sophon BM1880 EDB. It is still listed as “coming soon.” We have little confidence it will ever ship.

HummingBoard Pro — The i.MX6 based HummingBoard Pro, based on the very first HummingBoard design, is no longer available, but SolidRun offers several new HummingBoard models based on the i.MX8 family.

LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo — The tiny, OpenWrt driven LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo from MediaTek and Seeed is out of stock, with no promise of return.

LinkSprite Arches, LinkSprite Acadia — We are paying adieu to the aging, i.MX6 based LinkSprite Acadia V3 and Allwinner A80-based and LinkSprite Arches. You can still buy the Acadia for $119 and the Arches for $95, but we could see no support materials, and LinkSprite has moved on to cameras and AI detection kits.

NanoPi K1 Plus — The Allwinner H5 based NanoPi K1 Plus has been discontinued.

Odroid-C0, Odroid-H2, Odroid-N2 — Hardkernel’s minimalist, Amlogic S805 based Odroid-C0 has gone out of stock and is listed as obsolete. The Odroid-H2 and Odroid-N2 were replaced with upgraded Odroid-H2+ and Odroid-N2+ models.

Orange Pi 2G-IOT — The tiny, Cortex-A5 basedOrange Pi 2G-IOT is listed by Shenzhen Xunlong’s Orange Pi project as no longer available. There are still a few units left starting at $19.67 (twice the usual price) at AliExpress.

Orange Pi PC 2 — We have removed the Allwinner H5 based Orange Pi PC 2, which is no longer available in single units.

Rock960 Model B, Rock960 Model C — Vamrs’ 96Boards implementation of the Rockchip RK3399 — the Rock960 — is listed as unavailable on the Vamrs site and out of stock elsewhere for both the original Model B and slightly stripped-down Model C. A year ago, stock was low, and only the 4GB version of the Model B was still available. Earlier this year there were forum posts on 96Boards wondering whether Vamrs had gone out of business and was still fulfilling orders, and there have been few recent signs of life on the 96Rocks site aside from blog announcements of new Rockchip processors. We have removed the Model B and C entries from the catalog, but Vamrs VMARC RK3399Pro SoM Ficus2 Evaluation Board is still included.