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Ryzen V1000 based COM Express modules add R1000 support

Apr 29, 2019 — by Eric Brown 786 views

Two rugged, Linux-ready COM Express Type 6 modules built around AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V1000 have added support for the lower powered Ryzen Embedded R1000: MEN Micro’s Basic-sized “CB71C” and Kontron’s Compact “COMe-cVR6.”

Given the similarities of the Ryzen Embedded V1000 and newer, stripped down Ryzen Embedded R1000, we’re likely to see a variety of products that support both. For example, Sapphire recently followed up its V1000-based AMD FS-FP5V SBC with an almost identical, R1000-driven AMD FS-FP5R model. Now, MEN Micro and Kontron have each added R1000 support to their V1000-based CB71C and COMe-cVR6 COM Express Type 6 modules, supported by Linux and Windows.

MEN Micro’s CB71C with case backing (left) and Kontron’s COMe-cVR6
(click images to enlarge)

Like the lowest end V1202B version of the Ryzen Embedded V1000 family, the new R1000 SoCs offer dual-core, dual-threaded (4x-thread) Zen CPUs, triple-core Radeon Vega GPUs, and 12-25W TDPs. They similarly provide 1MB L2 and 4MB L3 cache.

Although the R1000 lacks the support for 4x independent 4K@60 displays available with all the V1000 models, it does offer triple 4K displays. The first two models are also faster than the V1202B. The R1606G has a 2.6GHz (3.5GHz boost) CPU and the R1505G goes to 2.4GHz/3.3GHz. Aside from CPU clock rate, the only other noted difference is that the R1606G boosts the GPU clock from 1GHz to 1.2GHz.


MEN Micro CB71C

The updated CB71C module, which was recently reported by our sister site, Circuit Cellar, is designed for rail, public transportation, and industry applications such as data acquisition, infotainment, transcoding, and live 3D, says MEN Micro (also called MEN Mikro). We missed the April 2018 announcement of the Basic Type 6 (125 x 95mm) CB71C. The new version that adds R1000 support appears to be otherwise identical.

MEN Micro’s CB71C with (left) and without case
(click images to enlarge)

The module supports the R1606G — the higher-end of the two almost identical R1000 SoCs. MEN Micro lists only the 2.6GHz base clock rate for the dual-core, 4-thread R1606G, although the SoC offers a 3.5GHz boost speed. On the V1000 side, it supports the top-of-the-line V1807B, a quad-core, 8-thread model with a 3.35GHz (3.8GHz boost) clock and a 1.3GHz clock for its high-end version of the Vega GPU with 11x compute units. The TDP range is 35-54W.

The CB71C also supports the quad-core, 4-thread V1404I model, which was not part of the initial V1000 release, but which is supported by Congatec’s Conga-TR4 Basic Type 6 and Seco’s 95 x 95mm COMe-B75-CT6 Compact Type 6 modules. The V1404I, which is still listed as “to be released” on the Seco product page, has a 15W TDP and 2MB cache, but no announced clock rate. For all these processor options, Linux is the default and Windows is available on request.

CB71C (left) and Ryzen Embedded R1000 block diagrams
(click images to enlarge)

The CB71C supports up to 32GB soldered DDR4, including ECC RAM, as well as 16GB soldered eMMC. There’s also a GbE controller.

Interfaces include 2x SATA 3.0, 4x DDI, 3x USB 3.1, 4x USB 2.0, and 2x UART, which can be either RS232 or RS422/RS485. PCIe expansion includes a single PCIe 3.0 x4, as well as 4x PCIe 3.0 x1 and 2x PCIe 2.0 x1 interfaces. You also get 8x GPIO, an HD audio interface, a reset button, a watchdog, an RTC, TPM 2.0 security, a board management controller, and “temperature measurement.”

The CB71C supports 12V (9.5 to 15.5V) power. With the cover and frame, which may be the source of the mentioned “conduction cooling,” it measures 135 x 105 x 18mm.

The module supports up to -40 to 85°C temperatures, depending on the processor, and offers humidity (per EN 50155:2007), altitude (up to 3,000 meters), shock (EN 61373:2010), and vibration (EN 61373: 2010) resistance. MEN Micro also lists compliance with a variety of electrical safety and fire protection standards, as well as EMC standards for railway and automotive operation

Kontron COMe-cVR6

Kontron announced its Ryzen Embedded V1000-based COMe-cVR6 COM Express Compact Type 6 (95 x 95mm) module last September. The new E2 version appears to be identical except for the added support for the R1000.

Kontron COMe-cVR6

The COMe-cVR5 supports all five quad- and dual-core V1000 models including the newer, 15W V1404i model. Kontron did not say whether it supports both of the R1000 models.

The module offers up to 24GB DDR4, including 8GB soldered RAM. There are dual SATA III interfaces, as well as a choice of SDIO or GPIO. You can also choose between a GbE controller and a sixth PCIe 3.0 connection. Additional PCIe lanes are optional.

For displays, you get 2x DisplayPort++, a standard DP or VGA, and LVDS (or eDP). The COMe-cVR6 is further equipped with 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 3.1 Gen2, 5x USB 2.0, and 2x RX/TX only serial ports. Other interfaces include HD audio, I2C, LPC, SPI, and SMBus. You also get a watchdog, an RTC, TPM 2.0, and optional Kontron Approtect security.

You can purchase 0 to 60°C or -40 to 85°C models, and there’s a wide-range 8-20V power supply. More information on the rugged COMe-cVR6 may be found in our previous COMe-cVR6 report.

Further information

The R1000-compatible version of the MEN Micro CB71C and Kontron COMe-cVR6 COM Express Type 6 modules appear to be available now, with undisclosed pricing. More information on the CB71C may be found in MEN Micro’s R1000 announcement and product page. More on the COMe-cVR6 E2 may be found in Kontron’s R1000 announcement and product page.


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