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Smart rear-view mirror runs Android 4.2, has dual cams

Feb 24, 2015 — by Eric Brown 4,233 views

Mobile Safety Accessories unveiled an Android 4.2 rear-view mirror touchscreen with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, backup and DVR cameras, and Google Play support.

The NavMirror II follows an earlier Windows CE-based NavMirror rear-view display from Michigan-based Mobile Safety Accessories, which specializes in automotive rearview safety accessories. The NavMirror II is claimed to be the first Android-based automotive OEM replacement rear view mirror. The company also sells simpler rear-view display systems such as backup cameras, Bluetooth-enabled backup cameras, and DVR camera systems.

The NavMirror II is an alternative to an in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system that doesn’t require manufacturers to use up dashboard space. It can also augment an IVI system, however, with a system that offers full Android app support.

NavMirror II
(click image to enlarge)

“With the abundance of driving Apps for Smartphones, NavMirror II is the safest solution for managing technology inside your vehicle,” stated Dave Forrest, Co-Owner of Mobile Safety Accessories, LLC. “People are accustomed to glancing up at the rearview mirror from the time they learn to drive. It is much less distracting for a driver to glance up at their rearview mirror than it is to check their phone, or an in-dash display screen. Any travel or transportation App that is found on Google play can be downloaded to the mirror and consumers can use a Wi-Fi hotspot on their cell phone to use internet connected Apps.”


The NavMirror II is equipped with 512MB of RAM and a 5-inch, 800 x 480-pixel capacitive touchscreen. Based on the image, it appears the display is superimposed on a standard rear-view reflection and can be toggled on or off. The device integrates inputs from a “high resolution” rear back-up camera, as well as a built-in, front-facing DVR camera that can be set to continually record.

Wireless features include WiFi for Internet access, as well as Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls. Cellular connectivity is available via the aforementioned smartphone hotspot, as well as a SIM card slot, which can also be used for storage. An external GPS antenna supports downloaded navigation apps like Google Maps.

Specifications listed for the NavMirror II include:

  • Processor — (not specified)
  • Memory:
    • RAM — 512MB
    • Internal flash storage — not specified
  • Display/cameras:
    • 5-inch, 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen with 16:9 aspect ratio
    • 4mm crash-tested safety glass
    • Built-in front-facing, 170-degree DVR camera
    • Input from separate back-facing high-res rear-view backup cam
  • Wireless:
    • WiFi with support for hotspot on smartphone
    • SIM card for cellular data access or storage
    • Bluetooth for hands-free calls
    • External GPS antenna
  • Other features — 2x video inputs
  • Certifications — FCC/CE/ROHS; USDOT certified and crash tested
  • Operating temperature — -20 to 60°C
  • Operating system — Android 4.2 with Google Play

“This is a game changer for us and the market,” stated Richard Parks, MSA’s other Co-Owner.

Further information

No pricing or availability information was provided for the OEM-focused NavMirror II. More information may be found at the NavMirror II product page.

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2 responses to “Smart rear-view mirror runs Android 4.2, has dual cams”

  1. Me says:

    They missed the mark with this thing.

    Hits: rearview and front view camera. Recording. Uploading and downloading of recordings via wifi.

    – does it work with the existing on car camera ? Nearly all cars these days have backup cameras.
    – will it integrate with the existing backup display system ?
    – you won’t be using Google Maps on your rear view mirror when driving !!! Its probably illegal to disable the rear view.
    – everyone has Bluetooth phone services already.
    – everyone has a cellular wifi hotspot in their phone. No need for another sim card and wireless account so your mirror can can be a hotspot.

    This product would be so much more if they got the feature set right.

    And what about price ?

    I don’t think there is much opportunity for OEM sales here.

  2. Dave says:

    Me, thank you for your comments. I have a few answers for you.

    1. It will connect to existing factory cameras, although we have found that the quality of some OEM cameras is lacking, so we include a high quality camera with all of our mirrors.–and the government keeps on delaying the rear camera law, so all vehicles won’t have a camera until at least 2018. could split the rear camera feed and use 1 camera for the head unit screen and the mirror if desired.

    3. The full surface of the mirror is still reflective when the screen is engaged, also you can turn the monitor off and listen to turn by turn directions- Also maps have been displayed on a portion rearview mirror space for years, and has been found less distracting than Plug in portable navigation devices and head unit maps.—also with Android you can use speech to input directions.

    4. For the bluetooth, the mirror is meant to keep your phone out of your hands, so you can relay the calls hands free. Also a great reason to have bluetooth is to connect your mirror to an OBD device, or other hardware, to further connect your vehicle.

    5. The mirror is equipped with WiFi for people with hotspots, and that was our main mode of thinking, but a sim card can be used for fleets or others who would like the option.

    6. We plan on marketing our mirrors to the aftermarket, although all of our mirrors are crash tested and surpass OEM standards.

    I hope this answers your questions, let me know if I can answer anything else. Thank you again.

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