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Raspberry Pi based dev kit launches for eSync automotive OTA

Jun 4, 2020 — by Eric Brown 2,828 views

Excelfore announced a development kit for its eSync Automotive OTA software that includes two Raspberry Pi’s that emulate device and gateway. CAN expansion boards will be added soon.

Excelfore has launched a Linux-based development kit for its eSync OTA software for automotive over-the-air updates and data aggregation. The company refers to the kit as the eSync OTA software development kit (SDK), although it also includes a pair of Raspberry Pi SBCs, with expansion boards on the way.

eSync OTA workflow diagram
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The eSync SDK serves as an “Out-of-the-Box” connectivity solution for linking embedded systems to a preferred Cloud platform, enabling users to rapidly launch OTA and data aggregation programs, says Excelfore. The kit is aimed primarily at automakers and suppliers of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and smart sensors.

The SDK “shortens development cycles by enabling a working model of how software is delivered over-the-air,” says Excelfore. eSync OTA provides OTA features including custom policies, delta compression, and end-to-end security for software delivery and updates. The policy-driven software can push data from the cloud to vehicle for updates while pulling data for diagnostics, vehicle tracking, and performance.


The eSync SDK ships with two Raspberry Pi’s along with PSUs and cables. One of the boards serves as a WiFi gateway and is loaded with eSync Client software and the other represents the external edge device to be updated.

The upcoming expansion boards include a CAN-bus kit for integrating AUTOSAR ECUs and other CAN-bus devices. There is also a vehicle status emulator expansion kit that provides a load-board with a CAN-bus interface.

eSync OTA is based on the eSync Alliance’s cloud-enabled eSync standard for automotive OTA updates and diagnostics. eSync can deliver and update software and firmware over-the-air while collecting real-time operational data from in-car devices including ECUs, domain master ECUs, network gateways, and smart sensors.

Further information

The Excelfore eSync SDK is available now for $999 plus $2,500 per month for cloud hosting or $2,999 for the kit with only one month of hosting. The CAN expansion kits will be available in 3Q 2020 at $499 each. More information may be found in the announcement and the eSync OTA product page .

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