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Raspberry Pi AI Kit: 13 TOPs AI Performance with Hailo 8L and M.2 HAT+

Jun 4, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 378 views

The Raspberry Pi AI Kit, a recent collaboration between Raspberry Pi and Hailo, has been launched to make artificial intelligence more accessible to enthusiasts and developers alike. Priced at $70, this kit integrates a powerful Hailo-8L AI accelerator module into the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 5.

The AI Kit includes the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ pre-assembled with a Hailo AI module, which boasts a remarkable 13 tera-operations per second inferencing capability. This setup not only facilitates efficient AI processing but also ensures that the Raspberry Pi 5’s CPU is available for other computing tasks. The integration leverages a single-lane PCIe 3.0 connection running at 8Gbps, ensuring that data flows smoothly and quickly between the Hailo module and the Raspberry Pi 5.


RPi 5 + RPi AI Kit
(click image to enlarge)

Installed on a Raspberry Pi 5, the AI Kit allows developers to create sophisticated AI vision applications. These applications can run in real-time with low latency and minimal power consumption. The Hailo-8L co-processor efficiently manages state-of-the-art neural networks for various applications, including object detection, segmentation, and facial recognition.

A key aspect of the Raspberry Pi AI Kit is its software simplicity according to the announcement. The kit is fully integrated into the Raspberry Pi’s camera software subsystem, allowing for seamless operation with both first-party and third-party cameras. The provided software, including the rpicam-apps and the upcoming Picamera2 framework integration, allows for the creation of advanced AI applications with minimal coding, typically a few hundred lines of C++.

Raspberry Pi AI Kit Object Recognition Demo

The AI Kit is not limited to camera-based applications. It also supports inferencing on pre-recorded video files through its integration with the GStreamer framework and is capable of running multiple neural networks simultaneously on one or two cameras. This flexibility makes the kit suitable for a range of applications from home automation to robotics and security systems.

For those looking to get started, the Raspberry Pi AI Kit comes with comprehensive documentation that guides users through the installation of necessary software packages and the execution of demo applications. Additional resources and support can be found on Hailo’s website and their community forum, which offers a space for discussion and troubleshooting specific to the Hailo-8L AI accelerator hardware and software tooling.

Raspberry Pi AI Kit
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Further Information

As mentioned in the product announcement, the Raspberry Pi AI Kit is priced at $70.00. For customers in the UK, Pimoroni is currently accepting pre-orders at a price of £65.70 on their online store.

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