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Pickup is a small and customizable environmental data logger

Oct 17, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 460 views

Kickstarter recently showcased Pickup, a compact and rugged data logger designed for a wide range of applications. This user-friendly device is equipped with multiple sensors and uses standard web protocols for communication.

The product page indicates that Pickup simplifies data recording from built-in and plug-in sensors, seamlessly integrating the collected data into the Pickup web app’s graphical dashboard, spreadsheets, or custom software. 

Additionally, users can customize the device to meet specific data collection and monitoring requirements through simple rules, HTTPS calls, MQTT, and a user-friendly scripting language


Pickup features
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Some applications where this device can be used are citizen science, gardening, air quality monitoring, noise level assessment, equipment monitoring, agriculture, business data collection among others.

Pickup features built-in sensors for ambient temperature (0º-140ºF), light (0-1000 lux), sound level (100Hz-10KHz, max 115 dB SPL), vibration & acceleration (max 8g), and orientation. It also supports sensor cartridges for specialized data collection.

Pickup accesories
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These cartridges include CO2/RH, particulates/VOC, color/light spectrum, distance/liquid level, moisture probe, temperature probe, contact switch, and breakout options.

Supermechanical, the group behind this project, indicates that the device runs for up to one-year battery using AA batteries and features a rugged, outdoor-ready casing with customizable buttons and LED indicators.

Pickup app
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The FAQ section highlights that users have the freedom to discontinue their use of the Pickup cloud service and redirect their data elsewhere. For advanced users, the device offers the capability to link custom sensors or transmit signals to external equipment through the breakout board’s analog I/O.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will not be required to pay for the cloud service. While Supermechanical plans to introduce charges for certain business-oriented features in the future, all the promised features and more will remain free for Kickstarter backers indefinitely as these costs are already included in the campaign according to the FAQ. 

Supermechanical also mentions that they have maintained a free cloud service for Twine for 12 years.

Further information

The early bird price for the Pickup is $79.00 while the standard price is $89.00 (shipping/tax not included). There are other Pickup kits available that range from $139.00 to $299.00. The company also pledges to offer a two-year warranty to Kickstarter backers. The Kickstarter campaign can be found here and it has surpassed it’s $10,000 goal (~$76.8K as of publication date).

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