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Hackable USB dongle offers multiple sensors including PIR motion detection

Dec 12, 2017 — by Eric Brown 1,939 views

[Updated Dec. 13] — Gumstix’s Arduino-driven “RoomSense” board offers an ATSAMW25 MCU, WiFi, passive-IR motion detection, plus temperature, humidity, and barometric sensors.

The Gumstix RoomSense is a USB dongle board that can detect room occupancy using passive infrared (PIR) technology and report on temperature, humidity, and barometric conditions. The board can be customized in the Gumstix Geppetto online development service, which was used to design it in the first place. Geppetto users can “customize specifications online by changing processors or adding GPS and sensors as needed,” says Gumstix.

The $86 RoomSense is designed to serve as a Passive IR-based room occupancy sensor board that can also keep tabs on air conditions. The device “integrates easily” with cloud IoT platforms such as MyDevices Cayenne, says Gumstix.

Gumstix RoomSense, front and back
(click images to enlarge)

The 65 x 30mm board runs on a Microchip (formerly Atmel) ATSAMW25 SmartConnect module, which combines a 48Hz Cortex-M0+ based ATSAMW25 core and a 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n WiFi module. This same module is found on Arduino’s MKR1000 board. The module also supplies 32KB SRAM and 256KB NAND flash pre-flashed with an Arduino bootloader.

ATSAMW25 SmartConnect module
(click image to enlarge)

The RoomSense is equipped with an ON Semiconductor NCS36000 PIR detector controller. Other features include an MS5611 barometer sensor and a SI7021 digital temperature and humidity sensor.


The board is powered via a 5V USB port, and integrates a 3.3V/1.5A DC-to-DC stepdown regulator.

Further information

The Gumstix RoomSense board is available for $86. More information may be found on the Gumstix RoomSense product and shopping page.

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