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Radxa offers affordable Rock Pi 4 C+ equipped with Rockchip RK3399-T processor

May 6, 2022 636 views

Radxa recently unveiled details about their newest SBC (Single Board Computer) Rock Pi 4 C+. At first sight, the Rock Pi 4 C+ seems to have implemented a slower Rockchip processor (up to 2.0GHz w/ overclock) compared to their previous models, however the board ships for an affordable price (~59$-69$).

Qualcomm joins the Wi-Fi 7 competition with Networking Pro Series

May 5, 2022 185 views

A few days ago Qualcomm showcased their latest Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series platforms that feature PHY data rates of 10.7, 16.5, 21.5 and 33 Gbps. According to Qualcomm, the Networking Pro 1620 SoC (System on Chip) can provide reliable and stable support for up to 2000 users.

Syslogic targets AI agricultural apps with Jetson AGX Xavier based PC

May 4, 2022 162 views

Syslogic’s RPC RSL A3 is a robust AI computer equipped with the Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial module and optional 4G/5G support. The RPC RSL A3 was designed for applications that require vision computing, real time sensor fusion and sophisticated control of autonomous machines used in agricultural settings.

Axzez equips 8 port PoE+ board to their Interceptor Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier board

May 3, 2022 583 views

American based Axzez unveiled the Interceptor Power over Ethernet (PoE+) board which offers eight PoE+ ports to interface with their own Interceptor carrier board compatible with the RPI CM4. The Interceptor PoE+ board is ships for $59.

Anbernic RG503 a Rockchip based handheld game console with a Samsung 4.95” OLED screen

May 1, 2022 591 views

Anbernic launched a handheld gaming console built around the Rockchip RK3566 Arm processor. The device has a Samsung 4.95” OLED screen. The RG503 was shown as out of stock shortly after its initial release, however they seem back in stock for $150.

myPalletizer 4 axis robot arm available in M5 Stack & Raspberry Pi 4 models

Apr 30, 2022 1,982 views

Elephant Robotics has developed a 4 degrees of freedom (DOF) robotic arm platform that comes in an RPI 4 model B version and an M5 version. The robotic arm comes in a compact design and supports several programming languages to meet the requirements of hobbyists and users in STEM related fields .   

Novakon new DIN-Rail Protocol Conversion Gateway features TI Sitara ARM processor

Apr 29, 2022 304 views

Novakon recently unveiled a compact DIN-rail protocol conversion gateway that integrates the ARM based Sitara processor from Texas Instruments. The Taiwan based company also provides their own web-based programming software to interface with a variety of industrial communication protocols.

Apcsilmic releases ARM based Dot 1 Mini PC with optional 4G LTE support

Apr 28, 2022 412 views

The Dot 1 is a compact ARM computer that comes with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed. The standard Dot 1 variant costs $220 and is equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage; alternatively the Dot 1 offers 4G LTE support for $20 more.

Orbbec Persee+ 3D camera integrates Neural Processing Unit for AI/ML applications

Apr 27, 2022 222 views

The Persee+ 3D camera is the 2nd generation for the camera-computer line developed by Orbbec. The SoC (System on Chip) features Orbbec’s Astra 3D+ camera and a built-in ARM processor optimized for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

Cincoze’s new industrial grade computers feature Intel’s latest gen processors and support GPU expansion

Apr 25, 2022 166 views

Cincoze announced today their new series of ruggedized and compact computers designed for smart manufacturing applications. These computers offer support for several Intel latest generation processors. The GM-1000 and the GP-3000 series are capable of supporting one and two GPU respectively cards while the DS-1300 offers extensive industrial I/O interfaces.

The XEM8310-AU25P is a dev board based on the Xilinx Artix Ultrascale+ FPGA made by Opal Kelly

Apr 24, 2022 379 views

Opal Kelly launched the XEM8310-AU25P which is an FPGA development board that features the Xilinx Artix Ultrascale+ FPGA. This board is supported by the popular FrontPanel SDK to improve rapid prototyping and product development.

POP32 & POP64 SiPs integrate SDRAM and Allwinner A33/A133 CPUs into compact IC design

Apr 23, 2022 240 views

Source Parts has recently posted info for the system in package (SiP) series called POPCAM (POP32 & POP64). The POP32 integrates the Allwinner A33 CPU and 128MB DDR3 while the POP64 integrates the Allwinner A133 CPU and 1GB LPDDR4.

New 64MP autofocus cam for Raspberry Pi and CM4 made by Arducam

Apr 22, 2022 646 views

Last year, LinuxGizmos made an article about a 16MP Autofocus Camera module for Raspberry pi produced by Arducam. The Pi Hawk-eye is the latest 64 megapixel camera with autofocus from Arducam. As its predecessor, the new camera module is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 and CM4.

Kontron new series of motherboards ship with Intel’s latest 12th Gen processors

Apr 21, 2022 268 views

Germany based Kontron, announced this week their new series of  µATX motherboards that feature the 12th Gen Intel series processors (LGA1700 w/ 125W TDP) and Intel Pentium/Celeron processors. These devices are enabled to handle DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen5 and Intel’s latest LAN gen with 2.5 Gbit Ethernet.