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OpenCV 5 Extends Crowdfunding Campaign

Dec 17, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 429 views

The OpenCV team has extended their crowdfunding campaign for an additional 15 days, aiming to support the release of OpenCV 5. This version represents the largest update to the world’s most extensive computer vision library used in academic research and industry applications.

What is OpenCV 5?

OpenCV 5 is poised to be a significant update in the realm of computer vision and AI. It aims to introduce several enhancements over its predecessors, including a new Deep Neural Network module, accelerated image processing capabilities, and improved support for various camera types. This version also plans to incorporate truetype font support, better optimization for AMD CPUs and GPUs, and extensive code refactoring.

The Significance of OpenCV


Since its inception in June 2000, OpenCV has been a pivotal tool in various sectors, ranging from aerospace to healthcare. Originally designed for research and academic purposes, it has become widely used by embedded vision engineers. OpenCV’s open-source nature under a non-profit organization underscores its importance in providing accessible technology.

Campaign Objectives and Funding Goals

The campaign’s objectives extend beyond financial goals. They include enhancing OpenCV 5 with community involvement and demonstrating the viability of crowdfunding as a support mechanism for open-source projects, especially in challenging times. The campaign has set various funding targets, each linked to specific development goals and features for OpenCV 5.

Pledge Levels and Rewards

The campaign offers a range of pledge levels, each with different forms of recognition and rewards. These range from inclusion in the OpenCV GitHub repository’s supporters file to educational content and partnership opportunities. Higher-tier pledges are aimed at organizations, offering memberships and promotional benefits.

Stretch Goals for Additional Funding

If the campaign surpasses its primary financial target, additional goals include hiring new team members, establishing a new continuous integration server, and organizing an AI competition with substantial prizes. A notable stretch goal is the development of a Freemium OpenCV Cloud service for 3D computer vision, contingent on reaching a higher funding threshold.

Educational and Technical Perks

Certain pledge levels provide access to OpenCV University courses, focusing on various aspects of computer vision and AI. Additionally, the OpenMV Cam, a Python-programmable microcontroller board for machine vision applications, is offered as a perk at specific pledge levels.

Pledge Levels Summary

  • $21 (Budding Benefactor): Targeted at students/professionals in developing economies. Includes name listing in OpenCV’s supporters.txt file.
  • $55 (Step-Up Supporter): Ideal for early-career professionals in CV & AI. Name listed in the supporters.txt file.
  • $89 (Third-Tier Titan): For mid-career CV & AI professionals. Includes name listing in the supporters.txt file.
  • $144 (Save Icon Supporter): Aims to support OpenCV as a non-profit open-source project. Includes name listing in the supporters.txt file.
  • $233 (Prime Philanthropist): Recommended for regular OpenCV users. Name listed in the supporters.txt file.
  • $377 (Marvelous Mover): Includes the OpenMV Cam (microcontroller board) and name listing in the supporters.txt file.
  • $610 (Roboflow Royalty): Offers 1-month access to Roboflow’s Starter plan and name listing in supporters.txt file.
  • $987 (Scholar Supporter): Includes the OpenCV U Pro Bundle courses and name listing in supporters.txt file.
  • $987 (Culinary Connoisseur, Early Bird, Limit 5): Dinner with OpenCV Team at CVPR 2024 (excludes ticket/travel) and name listing in supporters.txt file.
  • $1597 (Super Scholar Supporter): Offers a comprehensive bundle of CV & Deep Learning courses and name listing in supporters.txt file.
  • $1597 (Culinary Connoisseur, Limit 5): Includes dinner with OpenCV Team at CVPR 2024 and name listing in supporters.txt file.
  • $4181 (Consulting Champion): Provides 10 hours of consulting with CV and AI experts, a personalized plaque, and name listing in supporters.txt file.
  • $5,000 (OpenCV Visionary): Esteemed individual supporter tier, including a gold-finished plaque and name listing in supporters.txt file.
  • $6,000 (OpenCV Bronze Organization): 12-month Bronze Membership for organizations, including various promotional benefits.
  • $30,000 (OpenCV Silver Organization): 12-month Silver Membership for organizations with enhanced benefits over Bronze Membership.
  • $100,000 (OpenCV Gold Organization): 12-month Gold Membership for organizations with the highest level of benefits.

The campaign indicates that the pledge levels of $6,000, $30,000, and $100,000 are designed for organizations aiming to significantly contribute and gain recognition as official OpenCV Member organizations in this campaign.

Further information

The current crowdfunding campaign for OpenCV has gathered impressive support, with $84,734 raised from 951 backers, which is 16% of the $500,000 flexible goal. Notably, this campaign will receive all funds raised, regardless of whether it meets its target. With 14 days remaining, there’s additional encouraging news: recent memberships and external contributions have brought in an extra $100,000.

These funds, raised outside of the IndieGoGo platform, are not reflected in the online total but are being tracked separately, significantly contributing towards the $500,000 goal. More details can be found in the Updates section of the campaign page.

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