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Next-Generation SDR: LimeNET Micro 2.0 Developer Edition Enhances Raspberry Pi CM4 Capabilities

Jun 9, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 282 views

Crowdsupply recently featured the LimeNET Micro 2.0 Developer Edition, an advanced software-defined radio that integrates Raspberry Pi CM4 with LimeSDR XTRX. This powerful combination provides a comprehensive baseband and RF solution, suitable for everything from amateur radio to complex telecom infrastructures.

Central to the LimeNET Micro 2.0 DE is the LimePSB RPCM board, a significant upgrade over its predecessor. The original LimeNET Micro was based on the LMS7002M, the Intel Altera MAX 10, and the Raspberry Pi CM3.


In contrast, this new version supports the more powerful CM4 and offers multiple-input multiple-output configurations, surpassing the previous model’s limitations to the CM3 and a single-input single-output radio.

LimePSB RPCM Block Diagram and Board
(click image to enlarge)

For users seeking a comprehensive, ready-to-use system, the deluxe version includes the Amarisoft 5G stack and core network, two smartphones, and ten SIM cards, providing all the necessary components for a private 5G network.

The LimeNET Micro 2.0 DE emphasizes flexibility, allowing users to customize their setups by choosing different CM4 and mini PCIe cards for their specific needs.

LimePSB RPCM Components
(click image to enlarge)

The device features a variety of connectors including a dual-row Raspberry Pi CM4 connector, USB 2.0 Type-C and Type A, and an Ethernet jack with Gigabit Ethernet and PoE capabilities. It also includes mini PCIe x1 Gen 2 slot, two HDMI 2.0 outputs, and FPC connectors for additional display and camera integration.

For audio and video, it supports 4K resolutions and includes a 3.5 mm jack for analog audio and composite video, alongside a microSD card socket and nano-SIM socket for further connectivity options.

LimePSB RPCM RF Front End Diagram
(click image to enlarge)

The robust RF front end of the LimeNET Micro 2.0 DE features configurations suitable for both Frequency Division Duplexing and Time Division Duplexing, supported by integrated low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, and RF switches. This setup enhances its utility in versatile radio frequency applications.

The platform is equipped with a precise clock system featuring onboard VCOCXO and optional VCTCXOs that can be synchronized with external clocks. Its compact design includes an integrated cooling solution, making it suitable for use in dense setups and enclosed spaces.

LimeNET Micro 2.0 DE
(click image to enlarge)

Further Information

As of the publication date, the CrowdSupply campaign has successfully raised $1,699. The funding period is set to end on July 18, 2024. Below are the options available for order on the CrowdSupply page, with all items scheduled to ship on November 30, 2024:

LimePSB RPCM: Priced at $799, this carrier board supports Raspberry Pi CM4 and a single mPCIe card such as LimeSDR XTRX. It’s designed for CM4-based radio designs and comes without the Raspberry Pi CM4, LimeSDR XTRX, enclosure, cabling, antennas, or power supply.

LimeNET Micro 2.0 DE: Available for $1,699, this configuration includes a LimeSDR XTRX and Raspberry Pi CM4 (with 32 GB flash + wireless + 8GB RAM) pre-installed in a custom acrylic enclosure with an integrated cooling fan. Note that SMA antennas and power supply are not included.

LimeNET Micro 2.0 DE 5G Deluxe Kit: For $11,900, this comprehensive kit adds SMA antennas, a power supply, a 5G stack and core from Amarisoft, two 5G smartphones, and ten SIM cards to the standard LimeNET Micro 2.0 DE setup, offering a complete private network solution.

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