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New Intel Bay Trail-T SoCs target Android tablets

Mar 30, 2014 — by Eric Brown 3,197 views

Intel is prepping a new Atom Z37x5 lineup — a family of at least nine Android-ready, quad-core Bay Trail-T tablet SoCs that offer better graphics.

Intel’s 22nm, Tri-Gate3D Silvermont architecture has been spun into system-on-chips for embedded devices (Atom E3800/Bay Trail-I) and smartphones (Atom Z34xx/Merrifield), but the first SoC family to be announced was the Atom Z3000/Bay Trail-T. Since the September Atom Z3000 announcement, Intel has shipped four models, and announced two more.

Intel BayTrail SoC architecture
(click image to enlarge)

Now, the company is readying nine more models for release early in the second quarter, according to a Mar. 27 CPU World report. Intel has not formally announced these Atom Z37x5 models, but CPU World has posted specs on seven of them.

The seven new Atom Z3735D, Z3735E, Z3745, Z3745D, Z3775, Z3775D, and Z3795 SoCs are all quad-core with 2MB cache, and they offer better graphics and a wider range of price and performance than previous models, says CPU World. All the processors work with Android or Windows 8 except for the budget Atom Z3735E, which runs only Android. The Atom Z3735E has been crippled to run as a 32-bit processor, says the story. The Atom Z3735E offers 1.33GHz/1.83GHz turbo mode performance, and is the only model to support only 1GB of RAM, and the only one limited to 1200 x 800-pixel resolution.


Other models include an Atom Z3745 with 1.33/1.86GHz clock speed, and the Z3775 with 1.46/2.39GHz, says CPU World. They both offer Intel HD Graphics clocked at 311/778MHz, compared to 313/688MHz for the Atom Z3735E. They also and support 4GB LPDDR3-1066MHz RAM like the top-of-the-line Atom Z3795 (1.6/2.39GHz). The others support 2GB of RAM. The” D” models support single-channel DDR3L-RS 1333MHz RAM, while the standard models offer dual-channel LPDDR3 1066MHz RAM.

Intel still lists lists only four of the original six Bay Trail-T models as being available now: the Atom Z3740 (1.33GHz/1.86GHz) and Z3740D (1.33GHz/1.83GHz), as well as the high-end Atom Z3770 (1.46GHz/2.39GHz) and Z3770D (1.5GHz/2.41GHz).

Z3000 SoC SKU update, Feb. 2014
(click image to enlarge)

All these SoCs are quad-core, but Intel has also announced, but not shipped, two dual-core models: the Atom Z3680 and Z3680D, according an Intel slide posted in February by several websites. Unlike with its Atom E3800 SoCs, Intel has yet to post TDP (thermal design power) ratings for any of the Bay Trail-T chips.

Fuhu DreamTab

The only announced Android tablet we know of that runs one of the Bay Trail-T SoCs is a Fuhu DreamTab tablet for kids. Built in collaboration with Intel and DreamWorks, the DreamTab runs on an Atom Z3740 SoC, and is set to ship in June. Many more Atom Z3000 tablets are expected to announced in the coming months.

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One response to “New Intel Bay Trail-T SoCs target Android tablets”

  1. Jan Brøndum Johansson says:

    Please correct your article above, the Z3735E is not cripled and run 64bit ubuntu just fine(though you need linuxium for wi-fi and bluetooth to work – sound and rotation do not work as of yet), also intels own ark page says its 64bit. Something you should have investigated before posting this article, or at least corrected with an update!

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