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Embedian Solutions integrate i.MX8M Plus processors

Nov 3, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 259 views

Embedian recently presented three embedded products built around the NXP i.MX8M Plus processors with integrated GPU and 2.3 TOPs NPU. These new Embedian devices are available in flexible form-factors including Pico ITX, SMARC 2.0 and Box PC.

The pITX-MX8M-PLUS single-board computer, along with the other two products accommodate the NXP iMX8M-PLUS processor. These systems offer flexible RAM configurations, including options for 2GB, 4GB, and 6GB LPDDR4 memory.

  • i.MX8M Plus – Quad ARM Core Cortex-A53 (Up to 1.8GHz); 2.3 TOPS NPU; GC7000UL GPU w/ 2D/3D Graphic Acceleration

Storage options are flexible, with a standard 16GB eMMC module, an onboard 4M EEPROM provides dedicated space for essential data such as board part numbers, revision numbers, serial numbers, and MAC addresses. Furthermore, there is a MicroSD card slot for additional storage.


For visual applications, the pITX-MX8M-PLUS is equipped with a HDMI 2.0a output, enabling 4K ultra-high-definition display capabilities. It also provides flexible display connectivity through its single and dual-channel 24-bit LVDS and shared 4-Lane MIPI-DSI interfaces, catering to diverse display integration requirements.

(click image to enlarge)

The pITX-MX8M-PLUS offers comprehensive connectivity options, including two Ethernet ports with a Realtek RTL8211FD(I)-CG PHY, which are TSN-ready for QoS-enabled network applications. The board’s peripheral support is robust, featuring dual USB 3.1 Gen 1 Host ports, a USB client port, and a dedicated UART interface for efficient debugging.

There is also a is a compact expansion board (pITX-IOB-2201) designed for the pITX-MX8M-PLUS, offering enhanced connectivity with SPI, I2C, pCAP touch interface, multiple USB ports, a 6-position GPIO block, dual CAN Bus, and multiple RS232/RS485 terminals. An EEPROM for storing identification details adds to its industrial utility.

pITX-IOB-2201 expansion board
(click image to enlarge)

There are other i.MX8M Plus-based products from Embedian available to target more complex industrial applications. For example, the EMB-8MP-20 Box Computer  which includes 2x GbE ports with TSN support, multiple USB interfaces, and optional Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE for wireless communications. This PC comes in a compact footprint of 177.25mm x 109.78mm x 36.35mm, supports 4K displays and a range of I/O options.

(click image to enlarge)

The SMARC-iMX8MP  embedded module features the same NXP processor within a SMARC 2.0 form factor. It supports interfaces similar to the aforementioned products, but it requires the EVK-STD-CARRIER-S20 carrier board for full functionality.

(click image to enlarge)

Additionally, Embedian provides comprehensive software support for these products, including Yocto Project compatibility, Debian 11 Bullseye integration, and Android 11 support.

Specifications listed for the pITX-MX8M-PLUS include:

  • Processor:
    • NXP i.MX8M Plus Quad ARM Core Cortex-A53 (Up to 1.8GHz)
  • Memory/Storage:
    • 2GB or 4GB LPDDR4  at 4000MT/s
    • 16GB eMMC (5.x)
    • 1x Micro SD Card Slot
  • Display/Audio:
    • 1x HDMI 2.0a (up to 3840 x 2160 at 30Hz)
    • Single/Dual Channel LVDS 24-bit
    • 4-Lane MIPI-DSI (shared with LVDS)
    • WM8960 Audio Codec w/ Headphone Out & Mic In
  • Camera:
    • 2x 4-Lane MIPI-CSI2
  • Expansion:
    • 1x Full Size Mini-PCIe Slot (USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 Signals)
    • 1x M.2 2230 Key E Slot
    • 50-pin EIO50 box Header for additional I/Os
    • 1x Nano SIM Card Slot
  • Connectivity:
    • 2x RJ-45 w/ 10/100/1000 Mbps (1x supports QoS w/ TSN)
    • Realtek RTL8211FD(I)-CG
  • I/O Interfaces:
    • UART Debug  (via pin header)
    • EIO50 Header (USB, CAN-FD, SPI, I2C, UARTs, GPIOs)
  • USB:
    • 2x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A)
    • 1x USB (Mini Type B)
  • Other Features:
    • TI WDT chipset w/ 200ms timeout
    • TPM 2.0 support
    • RTC w/ backup battery
    • Reset Button
    • Status & user LEDs
  • Power:
    • 12V DC-IN (lockable jack or 2-pin connector)
    • 7.21 W
  • Mechanical:
    • 100 x 72 x 19mm
    • 0.08 Kg (w/o  Heat Sink), 0.16 Kg (w/  Heat Sink)
    • VTT-HS-9A981-A1 heat sink (mandatory)

Further information

The pITX-MX8M-PLUS, equipped with 2GB of RAM, is priced starting at $280.00. In comparison, the EMB-8MP-20 model, which includes 4GB of RAM, begins at $470.00. On the other hand, the base cost for the SMARC-iMX8MP is $170.00 (carrier board not included).

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