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Multimedia conferencing system runs Android

Jul 8, 2015 — by Eric Brown 1,263 views

Bosch’s “DCN Multimedia Conferencing System” for council meetings runs on a Wind River Android build, and features a 7-inch touchscreen, mic, and speakers.

Wind River announced the DCN Multimedia Conference System from Bosch Security Systems as a design win for its role in developing an optimized Android 4.03 based software platform and software integration services. The open platform allows the use of custom-made or third-party apps, says Wind River. The Intel subsidiary was an early supporter of Android, with its Wind River Platform for Android and the later Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android, Security.

DCN Multimedia Conference System
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If you walk into most of the “city councils, regional councils, and boardrooms” listed as the target applications for the DCN system, you’re likely to see a lot of gray-hairs squinting at the projection screen and cupping their ears while younger folks fiddle with cellphones under the tabletop. When it’s time for participants to speak up, there are plenty of low-talkers in between the bellowing gasbags, and they are harder to hear with everyone flipping through printed reports. In other words, a lot of the information being presented is simply not registering.

Example DCN deployment
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The DCN system attempts to solve these problems by placing a 7-inch multimedia Android touchscreen in front of each participant to show live or canned video, multimedia presentations, and other Internet content. Each console can be remotely configured to act as a chairperson or participant seat.

DCN rear view
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This is not, however, a videoconferencing system. A 3-megapixel camera is included, but will not be activated in the current version. The device does include an active microphone, two-way loudspeaker, and headphone and mic jacks.
During a conference, documents and presentations can be retrieved, shared, and displayed among participants. Optional applications include media sharing, meeting prep and management, participant database, secure ID, and voting apps. There’s also an associated, PC-based Windows media server app.

The DCN system uses Bosch’s OMNEO networking technology
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On the bottom of each device are dual Ethernet ports (type unspecified), which connect to Bosch’s IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture. This “open public” standard enables the DCN system to support daisy chain and star topologies, either alone or simultaneously. With the star configuration, each device is connected to a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) compatible switch with an individual standard CAT 5e or better cable.

The DCN system is also available with apparently optional central equipment for larger configurations. These include multimedia and audio powering switches that support “loop through connection with cable redundancy.”


The DCN device can be free standing or fixed to the table using mounting screws. A remote switch-off function is available for energy saving. Each device runs on 48 VDC power and consumes 11.3 Watts.

No processor or memory details were provided, but the stylish looking, 312 x 175 x 75mm device is otherwise fully spec’d out with more detail than we can cover here. The 7-inch capacitive touchscreen has 1024 x 600-pixel resolution and supports a wide range of video, audio, image, and document retrieval formats.

Not surprisingly, the Bosch product page focuses on its well-honed audio technology, including the “unobtrusive, pluggable microphone,” which features high-directive technology. The mic has a nominal 80 dB input and a maximum of 110 dB.

Bosch also touts its two-way loudspeaker system, which is said to “represent the sound spectrum more accurately, resulting in outstanding intelligibility and extremely high sound quality.” The 70 dB to 90 dB speaker system is equipped with “intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression,” which “automatically adapts itself to the environment and maximizes speech intelligibility when higher volumes are required,” says the company. Other features include advanced equalization for optimizing acoustics throughout the room, and “even at individual seats.”

“Bosch Security Systems turned to Wind River for its deep embedded software expertise and proven track record of successful Android projects since 2007,” stated Amit Ronen, SVP of product delivery and services at Wind River. “Additionally, our development centers located around the world allow us to offer highly competitive offerings and outstanding local support across the globe.”

Further information

The DCN Multimedia Conference System is now available from Bosch Security Systems at an unstated price. More information may be found on the DCN product page.

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