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QorIQ-based AMC board does Linux, U-Boot, Snort, FreeNAS

Apr 2, 2013 — by Rick Lehrbaum 1,672 views

Mobiveil has released an AMC form-factor board based on Freescale’s quad-core QorIQ P3041 communications processor. The AMCP3041 can support mixed control plane and data plane requirements in wireless and wireline networking equipment, and is supported with embedded Linux, U-Boot, Snort, and FreeNAS software.

Mobiveil’s AMCP3041 board is a single-width, full-height AMC-compatible module, intended for deployment in Linux-based LTE and WiMAX wireless basestations, media gateways, enterprise network access systems, VOIP gateways, and UTM/IPS network security systems.

Mobiveil’s AMCP3041 AMC card
(click image to enlarge)

Mobiveil says the board’s combination of a built-in Freescale multi-core QorIQ processor in conjunction with its optional multi-core DSP expansion socket make it possible to implement a multi-protocol acceleration engine within the AMC form-factor. Additionally, the board can provide complete Layer 1-3 baseband processing capabilities, for use in LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA applications. Other noteworthy features include the on-board RAID and SATA2 controllers and built-in security engine with DPI (deep packet inspection) capabilities.


Mobiveil AMCP3041 block diagram
(click image to enlarge)


Freescale QorIQ P3041

The Freescale quad-core QorIQ P3041 communications processor, which forms the core of the Mobiveil AMCP3041 ATM board, is based on Power Architecture processor technology. The chip’s block diagram appears below.

Freescale QorIQ P3041 processor block diagram
(click image to enlarge)

According to Freescale, a single AMC card based on the quad-core P3041 can handle mixed control plane and data plane applications, instead of requiring two separate AMC boards. As described by Freescale, the quad-core P3041’s built-in hardware hypervisor facilitates this by virtue of “its capability to safely provision flexible core allocations into groups running SMP, one core running alone, separate cores running in parallel, or a core running end-user applications.”

Mobiveil AMCP3041 features and specs

Key features and specs of Mobiveil’s AMCP3041 AMC board, as listed by the company, include:

  • Single-width, full-height AMC form-factor
  • Processor — Freescale QorIQ P3041 processor with Quad e500mc cores, clocked at up to 1.5GHz
  • Up to 1GB 64-bit DDR3 RAM on-board
  • Time and clock management with PTP-IEEE1588, SyncE, and optional GPS timing sync
  • CoreIPM based MMC
  • Rich Interface support both on user side and AMC backplane
  • Front Panel Interfaces:
    • Virtual COM port using FTDI USB console to access the P3041’s UART and DSP UART.
    • Single 1Gb Ethernet for processor management.
    • Dual CPRI interfaces for up to 6.144Gbps RRH interconnection (if DSP expansion card present)
    • Dual 1Gigabit Ethernet Optical interface to interconnect with RNC (if expansion card present)
  • Backplane interfaces:
    • One x4 PCI Express Gen-2
    • One x4 sRIO Gen-2
    • Four QSGMII I/F or one 10GbE XAUI I/F
    • Two SATA v2.0 ports
    • LEDs for hot-swap and system status

Mobiveil says it supports the AMCP3041 with a complete embedded Linux BSP, as well as U-Boot, Snort, and FreeNAS.

For further details, visit Mobiveil’s website.

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  1. Istimsak says:

    Is this a mobile motherboard or an expansion pci card?

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