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Low-cost COM/baseboard combo taps power-sipping -A5 SoC

Mar 6, 2017 — by Eric Brown 1,081 views

MYIR’s Linux 4.1 driven, $49 “MYC-JA5D2X” COM offers a Cortex-A5 SAMA5D2 SoC and -40 to 85°C support, and is available as part of a $129 development kit.

MYIR’s SODIMM-style, 200-pin MYC-JA5D2X module has the same 67.6 x 45mm dimensions as its MYC-JA5D4X computer-on-module, and similarly runs Linux on an Cortex-A5 based Atmel SAMA5 SoC. Instead of tapping the SAMA5D42 or SAMA5D44, however, the MYC-JA5D2X moves to the newer, more power efficient SAMA5D2.

MYC-JA5D2X, front and back
(click images to enlarge)

The new module is selling for only $49 in single units with a base memory allotment of 256MB DDR3, 256MB NAND, 4MB SPI flash, and 64KB EEPROM. There’s also a “MYD-JA5D2X” development kit, which sells for $129 including the base level COM. The baseboard is entirely different than the MYD-JA5D4X board provided with the earlier MYC-JA5D4X (see farther below).

MYC-JA5D2X details
(click image to enlarge)

The MYC-JA5D2X COM offers a maximum allotment of 512MB DDR3, and either 1GB NAND, or 16GB eMMC upon request. There are no open source hardware claims or schematics here, but MYIR supplies a Linux 4.1 BSP with full source code, as well as extensive hardware documentation.

Although the IoT-focused SAMA5D2 has fewer I/O pins and slower performance (166-500MHz) compared to the up to 600MHz SAMA5D4, power consumption is lower. The SoC runs at less than 150mW in active mode at 500MHz with all peripherals activated, and at less than 0.5mW in low power mode with SRAM and registers retention, claims Atmel. The SoC is available in tiny 11 x 11mm and 8 x 8mm packages.


MYIR’s MYC-JA5D2X defaults to the higher end SAMA5D27, and optionally, the SAMA5D26, which lacks the SAMA5D27’s CAN, USB HSIC, PTC, and Enc/Dec OTF support, but offers its secure boot and tamper detection technology. Both versions also offer -40 to 85°C support, which also applies to MYIR’s COM and development kit. The SAMA5D27 offers all the features of the top-of-the-line SAMA5D28, except for some additional security features.

The MYC-JA5D2X provides a 10/100 Ethernet controller, an LCD controller, and a 12-bit image sensor with Raw Bayer support. There are USB host and device ports, as well as an HSIC port, although the latter works only with the default SAMA5D27.

The 200-pin connector provides 10x serial, 7x I2C, 7x SPI, 2x QSPI, 4x PWM, 12x 12-bit ADC, and 97 GPIOs. You also get 4-bit SDIO, SMC, 2x I2S compatible SSC, and with the SAMA5D27, a pair of CAN interfaces. The 3.3V MYC-JA5D2X COM is further equipped with security features for secure external communication and authentication, as well as counterfeit prevention.

MYD-JA5D2X dev kit

The MYD-JA5D2X development kit combines the MYC-JA5D2X module with a MYB-JA5D2X baseboard. You also get a power adapter and cables, plus optional 4.3- and 7-inch resistive or capacitive touchscreens. The 134 x 110mm MYB-JA5D2X board runs on +5V/2A power.

MYB-JA5D2X baseboard with and without module
(click images to enlarge)

The MYD-JA5D2X kit provides a microSD slot, a Fast Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 host port, and a mini-USB device port. The onboard USB HSIC and dual CAN interfaces can be tapped by the default SAMA5D27-equipped module.

MYD-JA5D2X dev kit detail view
(click image to enlarge)

The MYD-JA5D2X features an 18-bit LCD interface, a 4-wire resistive touch interface, an 8-bit camera interface, and audio I/O. The board is further equipped with dual 20-pin expansion headers for 2 x SPI and 2 x UART, plus TWI and QSPI interfaces.

You also get two DB9 serial ports, including a debug port, as well as RS485 and JTAG interfaces. Other features include a battery-backed RTC, an FMC interface, 3x LEDs, and 4x buttons including a user button.

Further information

The MYC-JA5D2X is available at $49 with the default SAMA5D27 SoC, with volume discounts available. The MYD-JA5D2X development board with the MYC-JA5D2X module is priced at $129. More information may be found at MYIR’s MYC-JA5D2X and MYD-JA5D2X product pages.

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    Interesting board. Allwinner’s chips are so cheap; too bad about their kernel contributions:

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