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Linux-driven COM and carrier board feature Zynq SoC and 3x GbE ports

Apr 3, 2018 — by Eric Brown 1,001 views

MYIR has launched an $85 module that runs Linux on a Zynq-7010 or -7007S and supports -40 to 85°C temperatures. It’s also available as part of a $209, open spec dev board with 3x GbE, USB, and isolated serial and CAN ports.

MYIR has begun selling an $85, Xilinx Zynq-7010 or -7007S based “MYC-C7Z010/007S CPU Module,” as well as a sandwich-style, $209 development board based on it called the “MYD-Y7Z010/007S.” There’s an open source Linux 3.15.0 based BSP for the module, and the MYD-Y7Z010/007S carrier board ships with schematics. Both the module and dev board support support -40 to 85°C temperatures.

MYC-C7Z010/007S CPU Module (left) and as part of MYD-Y7Z010/007S Development Board
(click images to enlarge)

The MYC-C7Z010/007S CPU Module is a more affordable alternative to MYIR’s $189, Zynq-7015 based MYC-C7Z015 COM, which shipped with a MYD-C7Z015 Development Board. Xilinx’s Zynq-7010 has the same dual-core Arm Cortex-A9 block as the Zynq-7015 or Zynq-7020, which is available along with the Z010 on the earlier MYC-C7Z010/20 module. However, the Zynq-7010 SoC has a more limited 28K logic cell FPGA.

The Zynq-7007S is limited to a single Cortex-A9 core and a 23K logic cell FPGA. MYIR says the Zynq-7010 ranges from 667MHz to 866MHz while the 7007S goes from 667MHz to 766MHz.

Block diagrams for MYC-C7Z010/007S module (left) and Zynq-7007S
(click images to enlarge)

The 75 x 50mm, 10-layer PCB MYC-C7Z010/007S module ships with 512MB DDR3 SDRAM, 4GB eMMC, and 16MB quad SPI flash. There’s a Gigabit Ethernet PHY and external watchdog, as well as a 1.27mm 180-pin stamp-hole (Castellated-Hole) expansion interface for ARM and FPGA interfaces that is said to improve shock resistance. Supported I/O includes single USB and SDIO interfaces plus a pair each of serial, I2C, CAN, SPI, and 16-channel ADC.


MYD-Y7Z010/007S dev board

The 153 x 80mm MYD-Y7Z010/007S Development Board extends the MYC-C7Z010/007S module with 3x GbE ports, as well as a USB 2.0 OTG port and a DB9 combo port with isolated RS232, RS485, and CAN signals. There’s also a microSD slot and a debug serial port.

MYD-Y7Z010/007S (left) and block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

Two of the three GbE ports belong to an FPGA-driven “PL unit” that also includes a JTAG connection, LEDs, and dual 25-pin, 2.54mm pitch GPIO headers. The MYD-Y7Z010/007S board is further equipped with a reset key and boot switch. There’s also a 12V/2A DC input.

MYD-Y7Z010/007S detail view
(click image to enlarge)

An optional, $29 MYD-Y7Z010/007S IO Cape plugs into the GPIO interface. It offers an HDMI port, a user button, and LCD, camera, and dual Pmod connectors. The LCD interface supports optional MYIR 7- or 4-inch capacitive and resistive LCD modules. The HDMI port currently tops out at 720p resolution, but HD support is said to be on the way.

MYD-Y7Z010/007S with IO Cape (left) and IO Cape detail view
(click images to enlarge)

Further information

The MYC-C7Z010/007S module with the Zynq-7010 is available now for $85. No pricing or availability information was provided for the Zynq-7007S version. The MYD-Y7Z010/007S Development Board is available with the Zynq-7010 based module for $209. More information may be found on MYIR’s MYC-C7Z010/007S and MYD-Y7Z010/007S product pages.

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