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Linux-based bike computer tracks stats, deters theft

Oct 22, 2013 — by Eric Brown 2,333 views

A startup called Wi-MM is prepping a bicycle computer that promises to notify users if their bike is stolen, then sound an alarm and track it down via GPS. The Bike+ BPU-100 device runs on embedded Linux, links to cloud services via a 3G cellular modem, and offers additional capabilities like route tracking, real-time location and mapping, Bluetooth sync to smartphones, and fleet management features.

Even those who can afford a top-of-the-line bicycle may think twice if they ride in areas with high theft rates. Now, a Santa Clara, Calif. startup called Wi-MM has developed an anti-theft bike computer to keep tabs on that $3,000 Giant Defy Advanced 2 of your dreams. A representative from Wi-MM (no relation to the WIMM smartwatch company bought by Google) confirmed our guess that the Bike+ BPU-100 runs Linux. He also said it operates on an unnamed Texas Instruments processor.

Wi-MM’s Bike+ BPU-100 bicycle computer runs Linux
(click image to enlarge)


The Bike+ uses a combination of an accelerometer, a 3G cellular modem, and cloud-based services to determine whether one’s bike has been stolen and moved. If this occurs, an alarm goes off and the owner is informed via text message. The user is also continually updated with the current location of the bike, determined via GPS and 3G signals. The computer itself is securely affixed to the bike’s frame to protect against removal.


The Bike+ device lacks a screen, but sends data to a nearby Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth. It also offers standard bike computer real-time location and mapping features, as well as ride tracking functionality. Performance analytics including, speed, time, and distance traveled, and more can also be viewed over the web.

Bike+ BPU-100 app screen examples
(click image to enlarge)


The Bike+ accelerometer can assist in crash detection, automatically sending an alerts to selected contacts if a crash is detected. Meanwhile, bike sharing and bicycle messenger operators can make use of a fleet management dashboard that tracks multiple riders.

Wi-MM list these Bike+ features on its website:

  • High-performance GPS receiver
  • Cellular modem
  • Comprehensive performance analytics
  • Anti-theft alarm with buzzer
  • Real-time ride information accessible from your smart phone or web browser
  • Multi array of sensors for ride statistics
  • Real-time location and mapping
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone for in-ride experience
  • Crash detection and alert notification
  • Fleet management dashboard for bike sharing operators
  • Available to bike manufacturers
  • Open API

Beyond that, Wi-MM doesn’t provide further specifics, but an article at offers a bit more info. According to the story, Wi-MM expects to begin selling the device before the end of the year for under $200, although it’s unclear whether that includes the 3G fees. The company is also looking for OEM partners, as well as bike-sharing deals. Wi-MM was launched with the help of Verizon’s Innovation Centers, and will be available in Verizon’s 1,700 retail stores, says the story.

The Bike+ BPU-100 is expected to ship by the end of the year for under $200. More information may be found at the Wi-MM website.

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